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About Hoo

Hoo.com is a leading blockchain asset service platform, aiming to provide safe and reliable assets management and blockchain services to users worldwide.


Founded in 2017 as a cryptocurrency wallet, Hoo.com quickly grew into a well-reputed wallet in the field in just two years.


In June 2019, the company announced its acquisition to Chaince and OAX, two start-up exchanges in China, and fully upgraded to a blockchain assets service platform whose business expanded to crypto exchanges, wallets, custody, and mining industry.


In September 2019, Hoo officially launched its initiative “Hoo Power” after several trial fundraisings which were hugely welcomed by the users. Hoo Power is a program that digitalizes the assets rights of Hoo users, such as Gain Right, Refund Right and Buy Back Right, etc. The “Digitalization of Assets Rights” at Hoo Power is to digitalize the rights of your cryptocurrency assets and turn them into tradable tokens which can be circulated and transferred in the secondary market. Users who hold digitalized right tokens (ticker name starting with a T) will be able to exercise their rights in a certain period of time with “1 token + 1 digitalized right token”.


So far, Hoo Group has established a complete product business matrix with better ecological services. The core businesses include OTC, Spot, Futures, HOO Token, Collateral Loan, Hoo Earn, HooPool, HooSwap, Hoo Custody, Hoo Investment, Hoo Mining, etc.


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