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It all began in 1997 when four friends decided to revive Monot Street located next to the green line between East and West Beirut. This rundown neighborhood, where no one would dare to invest in, had a unique charm with its colonial architecture redolent of the French Mandate. The four friends launched their first DUO restaurant in that locality typical of the French bistro called “Le Monot”. A dream had become a reality.

The restaurant became an instant success and was one of the catalysts in the rehabilitation of Monot Street. Le Monot was soon followed by the “Ciao”, an Italian restaurant in the same neighborhood. Due to its top quality cuisine, Ciao too witnessed a huge success. A few years later, the partners decided to take their ambitions to a different location in Beirut. While “Le Monot” and “le Ciao” are still successfully running, the foursome launched a new brand called DUO in Beirut’s Central District. DUO Restaurant represented a blend of Le Monot and Le Ciao and thus a new fine dining restaurant emerged in Maarad Street.

DUO has been the proud winner of the Consumer Trophy Award 2005 in the “International Cuisine” category. Its top notch cuisine, a unique blend of French and Italian cuisines, created brand equity in the market. Along with hand-crafted pizzas, the pasta, risottos, steaks and seafood dishes are equally delicious. Consistency has been the hallmark of DUO’s quality, a top priority of its Executive Chef who holds a culinary degree for continental foods in Five Star Hotels. His original recipes and sauces have contributed in large measure to DUO’s success. The restaurant’s unique personality is characterized by its contemporary feel, making it popular for dining.

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