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About Brazilian Secrets Hair

Founded in 2011, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian Secrets Hair grew out of the desire to innovate and promote a great new idea: eco-friendly hair care products made in Brazil with nutrient-rich Amazonian active ingredients. In 2014, 3 years after testing formulas and exploring markets, the brand revealed their mix of product lines: the famous Brazilian keratin BSH Progressive, Argila Amazônia, the professional reconstruction, and protection treatment Hair. Toxx and the retail brand X-Liso, a do-it-yourself straightening.

From the creation of the formula to the final product, the brand actively chose only the best and most natural ingredients possible. Their products are never tested on animals and no harmful or aggressive chemicals are used, guaranteeing a high level of compatibility with all hair types.

Their unique structure, which is completely dedicated to exports, has allowed Brazilian Secrets Hair to concentrate its forces on conquering large, international markets. Currently, they have effectively entered 25 countries. The most active regions in terms of sales are the Middle East and Europe, regions which also house additional Brazilian Secrets Hair sales offices (Dubai and France) in addition to their main office in Rio de Janeiro.


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