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Al Muqarram

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About Al Muqarram

Founded in 1999, Al Muqarram Group stands strong with more than 20 years of successive prosperity, owing to the goodwill of our clients. From being a part of the grassroots movement to creating affordable, and high-quality industrial products, to pioneering trade in the different sectors of the market, Al Muqarram Group puts forward nothing but the best.

Their manufacturing establishments across the UAE have been home to innovation in creating sealants, waterproofing products, adhesives, vehicle care and maintenance items, aerosol sprays and their health and hygiene products and sanitiser liquid and sprays.

Al Muqarram Group is a culmination of a prevailing trading platform, which has allowed our brands to reach far out to regions in the G.C.C., Europe, Africa, the Far East, and South Asia.



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