Al Masah Capital Limited

Al Masah Capital Limited

Client: Al Masah Capital Limited


About Al Masah Capital Limited

Al Masah Capital Limited is one of the fastest-growing alternative asset management and advisory firms in the MENA and SEA regions. Established in 2010 and headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Al Masah Capital Limited provides tailored solutions to a broad client base, offering private equity advisory (across Healthcare, Education, Food Beverages, Logistics and other consumer-driven sectors), asset management, corporate and real estate advisory as well as public market research services.

Al Masah Capital Limited

With subsidiaries in Abu Dhabi and Singapore, Al Masah advises its qualifying investors on growth opportunities in 13 focus markets in MENA and South East Asia.




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Here are some case studies of our work with Al Masah Capital Limited:

Creating a platform that brought together investors, industry players, investment advisors and the media; Enabling them to access and communicate industry insights with ease



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