Client: 1-Platform

Info: https://1-platform.com/

About 1-Platform

1-Platform is a market-leading solution that revolutionizes everyday office processes, creating a smart working environment. Our innovative platform offers an unparalleled user experience (UX) and can be fully customized to suit various use cases. By consolidating all your work applications into one place, our platform enhances user productivity while saving valuable time and energy.

As the ultimate smart office platform, 1-Platform prioritizes user experience above all else. Our solution seamlessly integrates with both new and existing systems, allowing for effortless implementation. Whether you choose to incorporate us into your current office infrastructure or include us in your new office plan, we seamlessly fit in at any stage of your journey.

With an impressive track record, 1-Platform has forged partnerships with renowned industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, Zoom, and Samsung. With over 20 years of experience in the Digital Experience sector, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable solution provider.

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