Choithrams' Ramadan campaign 'Recipes of Tolerance' offers a taste of enduring values


A targeted PR campaign enhanced customer experiences and increased brand visibility



Choithrams is a well-known supermarket brand in the UAE market with strong regional connections. The task was to increase footfall in the supermarkets through a PR campaign aimed at reaching a wider target audience and increasing brand visibility. The parallel objective was to increase much-desired brand recall.



Choithrams partnered with Matrix PR for their "Recipes of Tolerance" Ramadan campaign. Matrix PR was tasked with the following communication objectives:

Build awareness about the campaign pre and post the campaign period highlighting its objectives and outcome respectively

Elevate the presence of the Choithrams brand in the region by creating a buzz around the Ramadan campaign

Generate interest and intrigue to a wider target audience in the community

Position the brand as one with values, integrity and one that works toward a larger cause

The desired result was to see increased foot fall at the supermarkets


  • Ramadan is that time of the year when many brands conduct CSR campaigns and special promotions inspired by the values of giving back during the Holy Month

  • Needed to increase brand recall among target media

  • Attracting significant footfall in the stores during Ramadan


With so many Ramadan campaigns taking place every year, it was important to attract media attention to Choithrams Ramadan initiative and promote it heavily amongst the target audience.

Choithrams being a well-known brand in the market had a strong connect amongst a certain diaspora in the region. The PR exercise would ensure that the campaign reaches a wider target audience and enhances the brand’s visibility in the market.



With clear set objectives, the agency formulated a strategy that would enhance Choithram’s image in the region.

The agency’s priority was to create a buzz about the new campaign and ensure the brand got favourable coverage in key media.

The agency identified key sections of the media for interviews with spokesperson, listings and mentions.

The agency also suggested a cooking contest for customers to build a hype around the ‘Recipes of Tolerance’ theme for further PR mileage

  • Interviews with spokesperson

  • Event listings

  • Media coverage for campaign

Execution & Tactics


Building Opportunities

    • Through creative PR pitches and consistent media follow-ups, the agency arranged for some interesting opportunities for the brand to publicize the event such as interview on Business Breakfast, Sony TV, exclusive with Gulf News

Tier 1 Media placements

    • The agency approached all the Tier 1 key English and Arabic media to leverage Ramadan feature opportunities for Choithrams. The campaign was featured in the likes of The National, Al Bayan, Retail ME, and Tabloid to name a few

Consumer Participation

    • The agency also initiated a consumer cooking contest in line with the theme of the campaign “Recipes of Tolerance”
    • Well-known nutritionist Dana Hamwi was roped in to suggest tips on “shopping at supermarkets during Ramadan”
    • Both these exercises received a positive response and were well appreciated



The agency was successful in chiseling a favorable image for Choithrams through this exercise.

The agency was also successful in convincing the media and audiences about the campaign, getting the brand featured in key titles and increased visibility amongst target audience.


Increased brand visibility among target audiences

Target Media

Placements across key Tier 1 English and Arabic titles and broadcast media

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