Century Financial


Creating awareness for a regional pioneer




Matrix PR was tasked with the following communication objectives:

Educate the targeted segment in the market place about Century Financial and its offerings in the region

Maximising visibility of the company through newsworthy releases and opinion columns

Enhancing awareness of Century Financial first and foremost, as The leading online margin trading provider in FX, commodities, CFDs, in UAE.

Focusing on the company's strong customer-centric approach and product focus

Highlighting Century Financial's strong presence in the online investment trading space and its business experience

Establish the spokespeople as thought-leaders in the Financial advisory space through road shows, seminar's, panel discussions, interviews and relevant award participations

Strategic consultation


  • No media visibility as compared to competitors

  • Less awareness amongst the larger demographics

  • Customers trust and loyalty towards one company - hesitant to change


With all its unique products, experience and unmatched legacy, Century Financial still had a low brand recall, at least in terms of media visibility

Despite these shortcomings, it was clear that Century Financial needed to make its presence and expertise in the FX, commodities and CFD space felt.

Hence there was need for a comprehensive communication game plan that would, in turn, begin to create the much-needed awareness among the target market

Part of the communication objective was to win the TRUST and LOYALTY of customers

There was also need to showcase its unmatched range of investments products



Matrix supported Century Financial's communications objectives in the region in the following manner:

Disseminating internally researched weekly market reports to UAE papers and main online business and finance sites from Century Financial experts

Press releases development and distribution

Profile key spokesperson(s) by pitching and coordinating media interview opportunities and thought leadership articles

Disseminating comments from different experts of Century Financial to all UAE media

Approaching all media for opportunities on comments or quotes from Century Financial experts to be used in relevant articles

  • Report Dissemination

  • Media Material (development/distribution), Media opportunity identification

  • Profile Building

Execution & Tactics


    • Engaged with the business and finance media to ensure proper positioning of Century Financial as the leading online trading provider in FX, commodities, CFDs, in UAE
    • Built brand recognition and recall through disseminating weekly market reports with print, digital and broadcast media.

Media Engagement

    • Consistent flow of news through weekly reports/press release/press notes collaborations/event participation
    • Organized media interviews with senior management and thought leaderships articles
    • Arranged for informal meetings with business and finance media for brand recall and recognition.

Follow through activities

    • Participation in relevant business/finance industry stories and profiling of senior executives as thought leaders in the media

Results / Outcome


The PR strategy and its execution greatly enhanced its position as the leading online margin trading provider in FX, commodities, CFDs, in UAE

Over 1,000 clippings (across, print, digital & broadcast media) during a 12 month period

Media Coverage

Enhanced coverage in all mainstream print media - with over 1,000 clippings

Brand Profile

Significantly boosted Century Financial's media profile in the region through regular coverage


Higher visibility for the brand and key spokespeople

Reached Target Audience

Through regular coverage of commodities reports, comments, and financial reports

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