Century Financial


Investment in Media Relations Pays Off!


The Case

How Century Financial became an unconventional media darling



Building on our past successes in creating a strong foundation for Century Financial, we developed 4 key objectives, which cut across business and communication:

Highlight Century Financial as a leading financial consultancy

Strengthen Century Financial's reputation as a company that cares

Establish the experts as industry thought leaders

Grow media willingness to approach Century Financial


  • Crafting credibility for Century Financial as a company beyond its status as a leading financial entity

  • Increasing newsworthiness and spokesperson profiling for an already popular brand

  • Ensuring Century Financial becomes relevant as a thought leader beyond its industry-related expertise


Customers aged 30 - 45 were more willing to engage with familiar brands

64% of customers mentioned 'shared values' as a driving factor for engaging with a brand

ESG & Sustainability was one of the biggest concerns for age groups 18 - 30 and 30 - 45

A media dipstick concluded that 65% of the media had indicated their willingness to approach Century Financial for expert comments



Our strategy was to ensure that the brand resonates with the target audience’s values and convey them in a way that forms a bond between the two

Expertise + ESG + Speed = Media Engagement Strategy

Proficiency + Trustworthiness + Sustainability = Customer Engagement Strategy

  • Generate a Series of insightful Op-Eds discussing relevant and interesting topics on investment, trading, finance, etc.

  • Establish CIO Vijay Valecha as the go-to source for finance/business/investment stories

  • Exploit readily-available platforms including radio, podcasts, digital, and video interviews

  • Expand regional media footprint: Use market-specific data as an angle to secure regional coverage

  • Boost share-of-voice & Industry recognition through regular flow of press releases

  • Align and package the brand’s ESG/sustainability efforts to draw media attention and recognition for ESG/Sustainability efforts by UAE authorities



ESG & Sustainability

  • 3 key campaigns initiated by Century Financial were:

    • #WhatsUAEforYou50th UAE National Day initiative with Ghaf tree plantation activity and EducateNow Sustainability workshops, across 30 Universities within the UAE to help create awareness on how educational institutions can align with ESG.
    • Collaboration with Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network and Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) to drive forward investment opportunities, with a good return – measured both in terms of financial and sustainable impact.
    • Boosting the Millennials and Gen Z’s inclination to value and proactively invest in companies that support SDGs; Century included more than 5,000+ ESG-focused instruments in its diverse product offering to complement the shift towards socially responsible investing

Spokesperson/Brand positioning

    • Provided researched-backed and quick bilingual comments over 305 times to media on an array of topics
    • Secured 40+ interview opportunities for the spokespersons
    • Creative and expertly crafted 15 exclusive Op-Eds featured in tier 1 media

Establish Credibility

    • Leveraged breaking news stories on the nation, government, and the economy to firmly position the chairman as a thought leader.
    • Disseminating daily market reports exclusively with Tier 1 media in print, digital, and broadcast media.
    • Arranged for participation/speaking opportunities for senior executives in relevant business industry activities/stories.



Media placements

Over 1,265 media placements and 35 broadcast interviews, with exclusive Op-ed featured on Tier1 media

Reach & impressions

21.3 million+ estimated reach through print media placements and 2.7 billion+ estimated impressions through digital media

Media feedback

Over 90% of the media were now more likely to approach Century Financial for interviews and comments


Century Financial was nominated as the 3rd Best WorkplacesTM in the UAE among 50 SME, and also acquired Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network

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