Writing Skills

effective content writing
5 Easy Tips for Effective Content Writing

In a world where information is abundant, the reality is that anyone can write content. However, being able to write content that stands out is a different thing. Writing intriguing and interesting content is a skill that can impact your career, whether you are a blogger, marketer, writer, or any other professional. This is because any content you are writing always has to resonate with your audience and positively impact…

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AI writing
AI writing – will our PR communications be taken over by robotic masters?

The advent of AI has ushered in fearmongering where professionals across segments have been wary of being replaced by the likes of ChatGPT and Google Bard. However, when it comes to writing for PR communications and tactics, unless you’ve been writing like a robot for other robots to read you have ample scope to retain the reign. AI in writing can be considered a work in progress as this newbie…

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Write like an editor to get the media to pick your story

The current times are cruising through a 24×7 multimedia age where brands still crave premium media space despite a plethora of opportunities. To gain presence in the ‘mediaverse’ can feel daunting even when you have a great story to tell. Moral? Write like an editor and follow some simple best practices in drafting attention-worthy stories so that your emails don’t land up in the virtual trash bin. Ace the subject…

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writing hacks
Compelling writing hacks to leverage keyword density

SEO relevance is the most sought-after quality in content. Businesses have their antennas in continuous operation to identify trending keywords but how best you utilize them determines your search rankings. Leverage keyword density by using these writing hacks. Make SEO strategy an integral part of your content development with these pro tips: Keywords that feel natural: Getting up the ranking ladder by simply repeating keywords several times is simply robotic.…

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Arabic content creation
Tips for Arabic content creation in the UAE!

Living in the United Arab Emirates, I have learnt that the community here is a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, it is important for us to show respect and tolerance towards the cultural diversity that exists in the region. It is also crucial for us to learn the boundaries that are set to avoid making mistakes. This is true both in person and online via social media. Through…

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Top Tips to get your Press Releases noticed

Despite the rise of alternative tools to reach a brand’s target audience, press releases continue to be popular business collateral for sharing important company news and developments. Press releases are sent to the media on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, it is an essential tool to communicate the latest news with regards to businesses but tricky as it can end up as spam or trash if done poorly. So we have…

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content curation
Mastering the art of presentations

Go on, you can do it. Master the art of presentations Ok, you’ve been chosen to make that presentation for the new account pitch. There’s going to be 12 people. How do you feel about it? Or you could be called up to address an audience of 400 people. Nervous? Let’s face it, presentations are an essential part of any PR practitioner’s role. And this includes online presentations too. But…

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Train to Gain – Learning new skills during the lockdown

Speaking with friends and associates, the current situation is starting to get monotonous.  They’ve expressed that the charm of working from home is now wearing out. This is understandable. We are beginning to miss out on the time spent with friends or the micro-interactions with colleagues. And we miss just being around people in general. But you know, life goes on. One way to maximize your time now is by…

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Crisis Communication
Fine-tuning your communication during a crisis

For the first time in possibly a long time, everyone is in agreement – we are in the midst of a crisis. Emergencies have always brought people together. However, with disruption, comes an opportunity to be seen, heard and taken seriously. Here are a few crisis communication steps brands can take during these next few weeks. 1. Take a step back 2. Understand behaviour 3. Be Social 4. Communicate 5.…

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award speeches
Awards Night coming up? Make sure you prepare a speech to remember

You’ve seen it before – all the back-slapping, accolades, whispers, the wining and dining. Awards night or award events see both the glitter of gold and the long faces of finalists who didn’t make the grade. You see them at the Oscars, the Grammys, and the Dubai Lynx. The winners sharing emotional stories, saying thanks to their teams and inspiring the generation to follow. Not to mention a few tears.…

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