Yes, ethics ARE important for brands

So let’s start off with the obvious. What exactly are ethics? Brand ethics refers to the set of standards of morally right and wrong when conducting a brand’s business. In simpler words, it’s a company’s decision to choose to either be the good guy or the not-so-good guy…   Companies establish their business ethics in order to promote integrity and build trust among their employees, clients, and customers.   Mirror…

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Micro vs Macro influencers? What is the difference?

With the digital world growing, influencers have become the tool that most brands depend on for their strategy as it’s one of the most effective channels. 80% of marketers find it effective and 71% of them say that it helps them drive high-quality traffic and customers.   Micro-influencer marketing or macro-influencer marketing? Which works best and which is worth your time and money? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of…

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Looking Back, Looking Forward

   2019 in perspective and 2020 in anticipation   2019 in perspective As 2019 draws to a close, the time is opportune to reflect upon the developments in the PR industry in the past years, the outlook for the years ahead and 2020 in eager anticipation. The year 2019 was in many ways remarkable, for the challenges that it posed for the PR industry, the demands arising therefrom and the…

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