PR strategies for building brand
Examining the Dual Impact of Technology on PR: 5 Positive and Negative Effects

The advancement of technology has been transformative in the last few years. Nowadays, technology is closely linked to any company’s efforts to establish PR strategies for building brand. In fact, companies now find that it is difficult to imagine even the smallest of businesses functioning without using basic types of technology. Technology advancements have, for the most part, accelerated workflow and provided essential information-organization systems for PR, amongst others. However,…

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Public Relations Strategy for Gaming Brands
How to Create a Winning Public Relations Strategy for Gaming Brands in the Middle East

If you are in the gaming space then you know that crafting a stellar public relations strategy for gaming brands demands a tailored approach that resonates with gamers’ culture and industry dynamics. Here’s a guide to leveling up your PR game in the Middle East which is a melting pot of cultures: Setting Goals and Objectives Define Your Quest: Determine what your gaming brand aims to achieve through PR—whether it’s…

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The Future is Here: Are ChatGPT and Google Bard Really a Threat to the Communications Industry?

Revolutionising the Communications landscape with AI Tools The media and Public Relations (PR) industries thrive on effective communication, strategic messaging, and building strong relationships with stakeholders. In this dynamic landscape, AI tools like Google Bard and Chat GPT have garnered attention and instilled a sense of concern in some. Several industry professionals, including content writers, editors, and PR professionals, worry about these technologies eliminating their job roles’ needs. Multiple group…

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