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Seo Vs SEM
SEO vs. PPC: Choosing the Right Strategy For Your Business

In digital marketing, two prominent strategies stand out. This is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Due to the unique features of these two strategies, it can be somewhat difficult to decide on which strategy to go with. While both approaches work to achieve the same goal: to enhance visibility, drive traffic, and boost conversions, companies have to consider key factors before choosing the right strategy for them.…

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Social Media Analytics and Sampling
Enhancing PR Strategies Through Social Media Analytics and Sampling

With the staggering millions of posts made daily, social media is now an open source of audience beliefs and attitudes on technically anything, especially with its rapid updates every second. Social media has therefore become a vital platform for Public Relations (PR) efforts. We can attribute this to the fact that when it comes to modern PR, being aware and understanding the ongoing discussions across social media platforms is now valuable. In…

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Measuring Brand Awareness
Measuring Brand Awareness on Social Media & Understanding Is Impact

In today’s largely competitive digital world, brand awareness should be a top priority for any business with an online presence. This is because social media has grown to become a powerful tool for companies to engage with their audience and increase brand recognition. However, how can you manage brand awareness on social media without first understanding how it works? How can you assess your brand community’s social media presence and…

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5 Effective ways to create content for Social Media

Businesses, small and big alike are thanking the social media revolution for connecting them directly with target audiences. Content posted on the world wide web has the power to make you stand out in a tough competitive space and turn fans into followers. However, it isn’t enough to sporadically turn up on every platform just to mark your presence. It is important to create content that keeps the engagement levels…

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5 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid
How effective is your social media communication style?

The world has reached a social media revolution, with most channels being used primarily for communication. Have you asked yourself how effective your social media communication style is or has been? Apart from sharing information and knowledge online, do you know how your message impacts your readers? Do they comprehend the information the way you intended? Just how sociable is your brand? It all boils down to your communication style…

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5 SEO Tips That Will Boost Your Website Ranking on Search Engines

Optimising your website to rank better in search engines is an essential aspect of regular website maintenance. So we have compiled SEO tips that will boost your ranking. Because 93% of online encounters begin with a search engine, SEO operations, while typically technical and time involved, are an essential aspect of any online marketing.   We recognize that many small and medium-sized business owners don’t have the time to devote to…

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5 Free Tried & Tested SEO Tools That Will Improve Your Ranking

How can you use SEO to work smarter and faster? It all starts with having the proper tools. Are you looking for a list of free and effective, tried and tested SEO tools? Then don’t look any further. Keyword research tools are tools that help you discover the topics your audience is searching for and generate optimised keywords that will help rank your business better for maximum visibility and exposure. …

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Why SEO Is Important During A Crisis

Search engine optimization (SEO) has always been vital. Most firms understand that SEO should be part of a comprehensive marketing plan since it is a critical approach for encouraging visitors to connect with your site content. However, companies should also understand well why SEO is important during a crisis   The issue with SEO is that it is a long-term strategy with a lot of ambiguity in the technique. Because…

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