Reputation Management

Public Relations in Entertainment industry
PR’s role in building celebrity reputations in the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry relies heavily on public relations (PR) as a method of brand management and reputation enhancement for its A-list stars. In the entertainment industry, PR professionals have the challenging job of shaping public perception, managing crises, and ensuring the longevity of their client’s careers. This is due to the ever-evolving media landscape and the constant scrutiny of public figures. The relationship between the PR and entertainment industry is…

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business ethics
Yes, business ethics ARE important for brands

So let’s start off with the obvious. What exactly are ethics? Brand ethics refers to the set of standards of morally right and wrong when conducting a brand’s business. In simpler words, it’s a company’s decision to choose to either be the good guy or the not-so-good guy… Companies establish their business ethics in order to promote integrity and build trust among their employees, clients, and customers. Mirror Mirror on…

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The ESG Premium – building business resilience

There’s growing evidence to prove that sustainable business practices enhance not just the overall performance but also attract investor attention and add value as an environmentally conscious brand. The significance of ESG has evolved manifold post the worldwide outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic and institutional investors are now backing companies with proven ESG records.

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Crisis Communication and Reputation Management on the Radar Now More Than Ever

Crisis communication and reputation management has become more popular, especially now that people can instantly share negative reviews via their social media accounts. This makes companies and brands more vulnerable. Hence they need to have a solid crisis communication and reputation management strategy to counter any imminent threat to their reputation – whether offline or online. Eighty-four percent of organizations have an emergency crisis communication plan in place, this is…

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reputation management
How CSR Can Boost Your Reputation

Building a positive reputation for your business takes a lot of time and effort. It may take years of hard work and financial drain, but once you achieve it, you will reap the rewards that come with it. But, do you know that one simple mistake can cost your business reputation? Hence ruin all you’ve worked so hard to build? As Warren Buffet once said, “Lose money for my firm,…

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online reputation management
Social Media Marketers’ Guide To Online Reputation Management

When prospective customers search for you online, what do they find? If you don’t control your online reputation and brand image online, someone else will. Indeed, someone can easily post a negative comment, post a video, or damage your reputation. Worse, 91 percent of consumers aged 18-34 tend to trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Ninety-three percent are influenced by online reviews when making purchasing decisions! Online reputation is…

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A 6-Step Guide to Developing a High-Impact CSR Strategy

The popularity of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in recent years have led to many businesses or companies to hurriedly set up their CSR strategy and initiatives in a bid to keep up with the trend. The downside to this kind of knee-jerk reaction is that, most of these companies end up with CSR programs that are not aligned to their overall business goal. Not only that, they also run…

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linkedIn profile
Look like a pro on LinkedIn – The world’s largest professional networking platform

It is no secret that LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform. It is also one of the most influential social media sites. It is reported to have over 600 million users in more than 200 countries… and growing. Hence it has great potential for developing new contacts. But are we making the most of this site? What do members use the site for? A good chunk uses LinkedIn…

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Corporate Social Responsibility
4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Embrace Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a trending subject these days. More companies are taking their rightful positions as responsible organizations that participate in worthy causes; whilst some businesses are seeking to improve the lives of the people living in the community they operate in. But while most companies are racing to set up CSR programs, some are doing it for all the wrong reasons. If you are in it just…

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