Public Speaking

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Awards Night coming up? Make sure you prepare a speech to remember

You’ve seen it before – all the back-slapping, accolades, whispers, the wining and dining. Awards night or award events see both the glitter of gold and the long faces of finalists who didn’t make the grade. You see them at the Oscars, the Grammys, and the Dubai Lynx. The winners sharing emotional stories, saying thanks to their teams and inspiring the generation to follow. Not to mention a few tears.…

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The Art of Persuasion

The Art of Persuasion Persuasion skills are both important as well as useful for professionals in all industries. Your ability to influence people not only portrays your personality as a competent negotiator but also helps clients understand how your product can benefit their business. Though methods used in persuasion are versatile, there are certain key aspects that can help assist any professional to upgrade their skill set. Gather information In…

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Spokeperson’s Do’s and Don’ts

  You’ve gone through all the questions and prepared yourself to speak on behalf of your company. However, when the actual day comes, do you know exactly what you should, or should not do during the media briefing? As a spokesperson, it is extremely important to be fully aware of how to conduct yourself during a media interview. You need to be alert, focused, and most of all, be clear…

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Want to develop effective presentation skills?

  Why are good presentation skills important? Most of us will need to do it at some point in our careers Whether you are a small business owner, manager, or team leader, no matter your position or profession, most of us will be required to do presentations or public speaking from time to time. This could include presenting plans or results to management or delivering a proposal to a prospective…

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Public Speaking Step by Step Tips – 3 Be’s to be Awesome

How to be a great Public Speaker #1 Fear in the world is not Death What could be more terrifying than the fear of dying? According to research, most people have a bigger fear – GLOSSOPHOBIA. More commonly known as the fear of PUBLIC SPEAKING That is probably what prompted the quip, “I guess we’d rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy.” We all have to do it…

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The Art of Public Speaking

The Art of Public Speaking     Statistics show that 75% of us fear public speaking. Just the thought of delivering in front of an audience results in sleepless nights for many. Yet, for us as public relations professionals, effective public speaking is extremely essential and remains a driving force in many different realms of our daily lives. While fear of public speaking and the anxiety and stress that comes…

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