Public Relations

PR for Peace Promotion, are we ready for it?

The ongoing geopolitical conflict and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a blatant testimony of what happens when peace isn’t cultivated and promoted with a strategic approach. As the war sinks deeper, causing unrest with thousands of lives lost by men in uniform and civilians including women and children, the rest of the world hopelessly stares at a peace-making initiation. Should we consider PR for Peace Promotion? However, a war situation…

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Guilty of using the term ‘Third World’?

How many times do we use words or phrases that have little or no relevance today?  One such phrase I chanced upon is ‘Third World’.  Still guilty for using this phrase? I recently read an article talking about how the world has moved on. In fact, the term is quite redundant now and has no place in our society. Yes, it embarrasses me.   As PR professionals, we are responsible…

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Metaverse – Just hype or a game changer?

The first time I heard the term “Metaverse” my reaction was, “Do I care?” . Every other day a new buzzword that promises to disrupt the ever-evolving tech industry is born leaving the common man completely flustered! Within a year, this term has become the talk of the town. Thus, everyone seems to be sharing their half-cooked knowledge on the subject. When my curiosity levels reached an all-time high, I…

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Capitalizing the PR-able edge of Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a complex and vital part of the internet today. In a digital world that has seamlessly evolved from using the internet to exchange emails to relying on e-channels for banking, shopping, education, and investments. Blockchain is the security in technology that everyone has been looking for, since the advent of the digital age. While certainly not being a household name in technology that can be handheld or…

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PR in 2022 – Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

Yet another year has gone by amidst flux and with almost every industry undergoing an upheaval. The differentiators that help stand out have changed too. Be it subject matter expertise or services and content strategy. Stiff competition persists and PR agencies must brace up to note industry trends to ensure relevance and remain successful in 2022. What is it that’ll help you stay on top of the game as we…

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Why Diversity and Inclusion matter; a PR perspective

When corporates enact change and embrace practices that deliver business values and innovative results; they may outperform. Diverse and inclusive workplaces are reaping the benefits by nurturing the best talent, increasing employee engagement, and thus improving customer interest. In recent years, D&I tops the HR interests list across industry laterals. A Gartner survey mapped more than 500 human resources leaders across 60 countries and all major industries to identify HR…

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The role of PR in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Technology has been the foremost game-changer in almost every avenue of human interest. From ways to work and communicate to explore and transact; there’s a steep rise in preference for going contactless and digital. The dense market penetration of the smartphone revolution has also made it easy and convenient to pay through digital registers. Well, it isn’t a surprise that cryptocurrency, a new way to transact is steadily gaining popularity.…

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Is the Line Between Public Relations (PR) and Marketing Dissolving?

For years and years, Public Relations (PR) and marketing have been seen as two different business disciplines when in reality they are two sides of the same coin. PR is known for media relations and creating relationships with investors, employees, and journalists. On the other hand, marketing oversees advertising, compiling consumer information, and promotional materials. Lately, these lines have become blurry. Due to the emergence of social media, the lines…

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PR strategy
The emergence of new content platforms is making a positive difference to the PR industry. Here’s why.

While most people see the emergence of content platforms as a threat to the digital marketing and PR industry, the truth is quite the opposite. PR firms and the digital marketing industry as a whole stand to gain a whole lot from these platforms. See how…   1. Casts a wider net With the volume of content platforms growing all the time, businesses have better choices and a wider market…

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PR’s Mission-critical Role in Business Communications

  There is no doubt that businesses are built from the core. Be it new product development or customer servicing. Add to it a dash of market analysis, data-driven insights along with marketing and communications and voila! We have a full-fledged and functional organization here. The truth is marketing can’t live on its own. Clearly, in an age of information overload, that’s only a click away, today’s communication problems are…

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