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Team Roles and Responsibilities
Unlocking Success: A Comprehensive Guide to Defining Communications Team Roles and Responsibilities

Obtaining success in today’s fast-paced corporate world hinges on your ability to communicate effectively. Crafting, disseminating, and controlling information to accomplish specified objectives is the strategic communication process, not just the flow of words. This is most noticeable in a company’s communications staff. For messages to be communicated effectively, consistently, and clearly, the functions and duties of this group are vital. In this detailed guide, we will help your organization…

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PR strategies for building brand
Examining the Dual Impact of Technology on PR: 5 Positive and Negative Effects

The advancement of technology has been transformative in the last few years. Nowadays, technology is closely linked to any company’s efforts to establish PR strategies for building brand. In fact, companies now find that it is difficult to imagine even the smallest of businesses functioning without using basic types of technology. Technology advancements have, for the most part, accelerated workflow and provided essential information-organization systems for PR, amongst others. However,…

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Community-Based Marketing
Why PR should prioritize Community-Based Marketing (CBM)

The current Public Relations arena is facing a growing need to add more value to its services, in particular, to create memorable experiences amongst its target audiences and stakeholders. This emerging trend is driven by a dire need to feel connected both personally and professionally. As a result, there’s been a significant rise in online communities looking for sustainable ways to create digital spaces where people with similar interests can…

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Results in Public Relations
Measuring Results in Public Relations

Every industry loves numbers and data to evaluate performance. Calculating results makes it easier to identify the success or failure of a project or product. Data plays an important role in assessments within the Communications and PR industry. Businesses who work with PR agencies surely would like to understand how the agency is benefiting their company presence and reputation in their respective regions. This is where the communication tools of…

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PR for Peace Promotion, are we ready for it?

The ongoing geopolitical conflict and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a blatant testimony of what happens when peace isn’t cultivated and promoted with a strategic approach. As the war sinks deeper, causing unrest with thousands of lives lost by men in uniform and civilians including women and children, the rest of the world hopelessly stares at a peace-making initiation. Should we consider PR for Peace Promotion? However, a war situation…

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PR in 2022 – Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

Yet another year has gone by amidst flux and with almost every industry undergoing an upheaval. The differentiators that help stand out have changed too. Be it subject matter expertise or services and content strategy. Stiff competition persists and PR agencies must brace up to note industry trends to ensure relevance and remain successful in 2022. What is it that’ll help you stay on top of the game as we…

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Why Diversity and Inclusion matter; a PR perspective

When corporates enact change and embrace practices that deliver business values and innovative results; they may outperform. Diverse and inclusive workplaces are reaping the benefits by nurturing the best talent, increasing employee engagement, and thus improving customer interest. In recent years, D&I tops the HR interests list across industry laterals. A Gartner survey mapped more than 500 human resources leaders across 60 countries and all major industries to identify HR…

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PR strategy
The emergence of new content platforms is making a positive difference to the PR industry. Here’s why.

While most people see the emergence of content platforms as a threat to the digital marketing and PR industry, the truth is quite the opposite. PR firms and the digital marketing industry as a whole stand to gain a whole lot from these platforms. See how… 1. Casts a wider net With the volume of content platforms growing all the time, businesses have better choices and a wider market that…

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public relations
Ever wondered why some PR campaigns fail to deliver?

Agencies have their ups and downs and there are times when PR campaigns miss the mark. But we should approach every failed attempt as an experience to move on. For more reasons than one, it could be the improper delegation of responsibilities, missed opportunities, tight budgets, or overwhelming client expectations. The bottom-line being, don’t simply write them off as failed attempts but rather turn them into lessons learned for future…

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influencer marketing
Working With Influencers Is Not Easy: This Is Why You Need An Agency

Influencer marketing continues to be a growing industry. Working with influencers will surely boost your brand. Eighty-two percent of buyers tend to follow the recommendations of an influencer as they consider them knowledgeable, credible, and better at explaining products. However, in an age when influencer marketing is outdoing brand content, 61 percent of marketers have problems identifying the right influencers for their brands. They don’t know how to get the…

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