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b2b public relations
B2B Public Relations: Strategies for Success in the Corporate World

In this fast-paced and highly competitive corporate world that is increasingly interconnected, mastering the art of B2B public relations (PR) is a vital part of successfully navigating the corporate landscape. However, in recent years, building a successful B2B PR strategy needs much more than simply pitching journalists without any real plan or strategy. For any business or brand to succeed and achieve its marketing goals, they require a comprehensive strategy…

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PR Measurement
Why we use the AMEC framework to measure the impact of our work

According to the world-famous scientist Galileo Galilei, we should “Measure the measurable and make the unmeasurable measurable“. In the world today, the importance of measurement cannot be overstated. AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) held its first Measurement Week in September 2014 with the purpose of educating communications and PR professionals on the latest best practices for measuring the effectiveness of communications and reputation campaigns. AMEC is…

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Capitalizing the PR-able edge of Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a complex and vital part of the internet today. In a digital world that has seamlessly evolved from using the internet to exchange emails to relying on e-channels for banking, shopping, education, and investments. Blockchain is the security in technology that everyone has been looking for, since the advent of the digital age. While certainly not being a household name in technology that can be handheld or…

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Why Diversity and Inclusion matter; a PR perspective

When corporates enact change and embrace practices that deliver business values and innovative results; they may outperform. Diverse and inclusive workplaces are reaping the benefits by nurturing the best talent, increasing employee engagement, and thus improving customer interest. In recent years, D&I tops the HR interests list across industry laterals. A Gartner survey mapped more than 500 human resources leaders across 60 countries and all major industries to identify HR…

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The role of PR in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Technology has been the foremost game-changer in almost every avenue of human interest. From ways to work and communicate to explore and transact; there’s a steep rise in preference for going contactless and digital. The dense market penetration of the smartphone revolution has also made it easy and convenient to pay through digital registers. Well, it isn’t a surprise that cryptocurrency, a new way to transact is steadily gaining popularity.…

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PR gets smarter
More for less – PR gets smarter in lean times!

The ongoing pandemic just hasn’t changed lifestyles but has had a dominating impact on the economy and consumer behavior too. As brands are pondering over marketing messages and altered segments; the communication business is also undergoing a colossal shift. The good news is that this isn’t the first time that the PR industry has had to face challenging scenarios and has gathered steam to become a critically integral part of…

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Public Relation
Experiential PR

Takers for Experiential PR anyone? In a tech-advanced and continuously evolving business scenario, where consumers are demanding and willing to lap-up every bit of novelty that brands can offer, Experiential PR, simply put is the next step in storytelling that affords the target audience to experience the brand promise. So when marketers are busy defining strategies to woo their audiences; PR practitioners (with their communications arsenal) are raring to go the…

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Metrics or Impact – What is it for PR?

  Companies have always invested in PR to create credibility for their brand. A concern that brands share has been the intangibility when it comes to measuring the impact of a campaign on its sales or bottom line. Circulation figures, advertising values, and formulated metrics definitely quantify the efforts. However, how do you measure consumer engagement and brand awareness- Got us thinking! Now that we’re in an age of digitally…

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5 Things Not To Expect From A Press Release

  Are you about to launch a PR campaign but are worried about press release distribution mainly because you don’t know what to expect? If YES, then you might want to read on. There have been never-ending misconceptions about what a press release can and cannot do. There are so many press release myths, it’s unbelievable! One could be even inclined to ask, are press releases still relevant? Each press release…

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In 2019, Artificial Intelligence to move forward in PR

  So, Alexa has happened and the apps giving answers, not just search results is becoming a near-future reality. Does that mean robots and emerging AI technologies are going to take over the world? Even when it seems most certainly not, we’re wondering about its likely effects and impact on the world of PR in 2019. First thing that comes to mind is, will it make our jobs obsolete? Keeping…

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