Do’s & Dont’s of Hosting a Podcast

Podcasts represent a brilliant tool for digital marketing. Hosting a podcast promotes your business and brand perfectly. You should work on increasing your audience in order to benefit from podcasts that have been getting quite popular during the past few years. Creating an impressive and hosting a podcast with interesting topics is an effective marketing tool that should be utilized perfectly to achieve the best results. There are some certain…

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6 Excellent ways to attract a bigger audience to your Podcasts

According to Podcast Index, there are close to 4 million podcasts globally and the number just keeps going up each year. If you are the owner of a podcast you might wonder what it takes to be amongst the top-rated podcasts. In this blog, we highlight some strategies and tips to help you to achieve your objectives.     Start creating your guest lists from influential people you know All of…

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The best tips to make your podcast more popular

Podcasts represent an amazing tool to create distinctive bonds with your target audience. You should exert a lot of effort, time, and resources to make your podcast as popular as possible. You should consider several important factors while working on increasing the listeners of your podcast. Think of several creative ways to enable listeners to know about your podcast. Use the best and most suitable promotional strategies and understand the…

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6 important tips for a good Podcast interview

The first thing you need to know is that there are numerous podcasts out there competing to obtain the attention of as many listeners as they can. Thus, you need to be distinctive in every aspect of your podcast. Carrying out a perfect podcast interview is easier than you imagine. However, it takes time and effort to produce the best interviews, putting into consideration a number of factors and issues. Today,…

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Top 4 UAE Based Podcasters You Must Listen To

From fashion to culture to prominent female forces in technology, the area has produced a wide range of intriguing podcasts, allowing us to keep our minds engaged and our souls entertained. Below are our top selections for podcasts and UAE Based Podcasters to listen to right now. GEMS OF ARABIA The series, presented by designer and Arab empowerment enthusiast Hatem Alakeel, will touch on all things fashion, culture, design, and…

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Podcast Marketing. The new Mega-medium.

It’s clear that the way we communicate has changed. And so, have the channels of communication. Thanks to technological advancements and innovation. Communication mediums keep evolving by the day, enabling humans to effectively interact with each other with ease. In 1831, electric telegraph was invented. At present, we now have text messaging and video calling platforms such as Zoom, Hangout, FaceTime among others. The new face of communication, largely because…

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Growing your PR profile with podcasts

Content consumption has found its way through various channels and one of the most glaring and popular ones seems to be podcasts. Not only have podcasts cultivated a target audience that has the potential to turn into potential customers, but they also have the power to drive earned media. Growing your PR profile with podcasts has the potential to help your business thrive. What started off as a new way…

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Is it time to have your own Podcast?

What is Podcasting all about? Podcasts can be described as the audio equivalent of blogs and vlogs. The term ‘Podcast’ is a combination of ‘iPod’ and ‘Broadcast’. It refers to an audio file (or series thereof) covering any topic that people can subscribe to and listen to at their convenience. Though the concept of Podcasting originated in the mid-2000s, it remained a relatively obscure medium.  Its usage was primarily restricted…

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