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media training
6 reasons why you should take a media training course

Media training is an essential course for anyone who wants to effectively deliver their messages to the public. . It can determine whether you and your company will effectively pass a positive or negative message. Company executives and spokespersons that have undergone an extensive media training exercise are more likely to shine during a media interview than those who just wing it. It is a well-known fact that the right kind…

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Media Training Tips

Ever come across an interview on TV where the interviewee looked confused? Chances are that he or she didn’t go through any media training to help them confidently conduct media interviews. While having an effective interview requires some level of expertise, media interview experience is gained over time. So, unless you have some level of experience, you are most likely going to encounter some uncomfortable moments when doing interviews. It…

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How To Deal With Reporters during a Media Interview

How To Deal With Reporters   Impressing the press can be downright scary but it can be done. How to deal with reporters during media interview maybe tough especially for the first-timers. Do not fret! even when you’re still not used to the idea of speaking to live audiences on camera. Representing your company in a media interview  doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is some tips to…

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Spokeperson’s Do’s and Don’ts

Spokesperson’s Do’s and Don’ts   You’ve gone through all the questions and prepared yourself to speak on behalf of your company. However, when the actual day comes, do you know exactly what you should, or should not do during the media briefing? As a spokesperson, it is extremely important to be fully aware of how to conduct yourself during a media interview. You need to be alert, focused, and most…

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5 Tips On How To Ace That Media Interview

5 Tips On How To Ace That Media Interview   A media interview is a great chance for your company to gain exposure. It’s an incredible moment that cannot be left to chance. A little media training will go a long way for the spokesperson. This is because, even though you are an expert in your field and your business, failure to prepare adequately for a media interview can lead…

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Words of Encouragement
5 Media Training Tips for Company Spokespersons

Company spokespersons ever so often accept media interviews because they feel that they best know their company, finances and the industry. However, lack of preparation, practice and familiarization can quickly turn a simple interview into a PR disaster. Crisis Communication and Media Training is something everything spokesperson should invest in before they accept media invites for interviews.     Here are 5 media training tips that every spokesperson should be…

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Do PR Professionals And Journalists Need Each Other Now More Than Ever?

PR Professionals And Journalists need each other With publications closing down and the availability of journalists shrinking, PR Professionals And Journalists need each other now more than ever.   While the two professions are popularly characterized as having a love-hate or ambivalent relationship, the truth is that we need each other. Without journalists, PR professionals would not be able to do their job of creating awareness of their client’s activities.…

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Media Relations vs Public Relations

What is the difference between Media Relations vs Public Relations? Since I started working in PR, every time I meet someone and they ask me what do you work and I say I work in PR. This answer is never good enough because they usually ask me what exactly is PR. And, what exactly do you do. I have found that most people are not really aware of the nature…

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Tips for Successful Media Relations

Key Tips for Successful Media Relations   Media relations management is one of the greatest ways to introduce a business to customers, potential customers, stakeholders and the general public. This is to say the right thing at the right place, to the right target. Long-term relationships with the media are the most valuable. Over time, you can earn the trust of journalists and editors by building win-win relations with them.…

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