Five Top Management Tools Every Manager Should Use Today

Managing a team is a tiring task. Managers have to deal with new and evolving challenges on a daily basis. They have a wide scope of responsibilities to accomplish their tasks and the missions of their team members. A true leader has to know the required tools to achieve success and accomplish the best results while dealing with various projects, teams, missions, and sometimes dealing with clients as well. Working…

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Time of Crisis
Managing Your Reputation in a Time of Crisis

Managing a person or company’s reputation in crisis is a crucial aspect of crisis communications. With the rise of social media, news can be rapidly disseminated, making it imperative for businesses to have a strategy to handle their reputations during a crisis. Crises can take various forms, such as natural disasters or cyber-attacks, and can significantly impact on a company’s reputation and financial stability. Having a crisis communication plan in…

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how to build trust
How to build trust at workplace and maintain it – a CEO speaks

Fostering mutual trust is important for any organization that wishes to succeed. ‘Trust’ is a simple yet powerful and priceless virtue that builds over time with transparency and honesty. Be empathetic and collaborative with colleagues. It will allow them to deliver their best without feeling vulnerable about being judged. Not just in workplaces but trust is central to our lives and exists everywhere from relationships to business dealings. And when…

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Five leadership traits every manager should have

True leaders are rare. Several officials work in managerial positions. However, a true leader is one who is capable of leading a team to develop, all together, and accomplish successes. Not everyone is able to carry out this role that requires certain qualities and traits. Companies take the decision of assigning a manager after long assessments of his or her experience and traits. Managers can lead the company to glory,…

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Five Must-Have Characteristics of an Effective Leader

It is a common procedure that corporations assign managers to lead teams and supervise their working activities. Managing a team of various members, often from different backgrounds, educational levels, and age groups is not such an easy task. So, is a successful manager also an effective leader? Successful management requires a certain set of qualifications and attributes that are not present in all individuals. This is the main reason why…

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PR Measurement
Why we use the AMEC framework to measure the impact of our work

According to the world-famous scientist Galileo Galilei, we should “Measure the measurable and make the unmeasurable measurable“. In the world today, the importance of measurement cannot be overstated. AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) held its first Measurement Week in September 2014 with the purpose of educating communications and PR professionals on the latest best practices for measuring the effectiveness of communications and reputation campaigns. AMEC is…

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Why is it important to use the AMEC framework?

To start with, the AMEC framework is integrated from the International Organization that has introduced us to the new ways of measurement and research. They have successfully executed a full program that makes it easier to track the plans, objectives, activity, impact, outputs, outtakes, and outcomes of a campaign, project, or research. The framework has proven its effectiveness and its incredible usage to display a fully integrated report. So ……

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Indulging in the crunchiest bites of the AMEC framework

The need for PR professionals to be able to measure the value on the work done for their clients was recognized early on, leading to the development of the Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE). Unfortunately, AVES came at a high cost. The ease of use of AVE was compensated by extremely erroneous results, despite the fact that it made the financial side of the results easier to measure and provide. The…

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Diversity Recruitment – making workplaces competitive and inclusive

Evidence shows that Diversity Recruitment is rapidly evolving and proves that a cohesive environment has tangible and direct benefits. Companies with an inclusive and diverse recruitment strategy stay competitive, outperform, and have increased employee engagement too. It has been said that diversity recruitment is “the creation of an organization that values diversity; not simply of people, but opinions, beliefs, faiths, and perspectives”. What exactly is diversity recruitment – a mere…

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming an Effective Manager

The Guide to Becoming an Effective Manager It’s not an easy task to be an effective leader. It doesn’t only require a set of skills and abilities that are rare to find, a great manager has to continue working on himself and enhance his or her aptitudes. It is a journey rather than an objective to achieve. Undeniably, companies do not assign managers to merely get daily serious work done.…

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