SEO strategy
Why SEO is a Must-Have for an Entrepreneur

In today’s digital world, when consumers are as scattered as the methods of reaching them, there are few digital marketing techniques that are applicable to all sorts of businesses—small, medium, and large;across nearly all industries. That strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). Much has been said about SEO and its benefits. And today we’re sharing reasons as to why we feel SEO is not only a good strategy to follow…

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Diversity & Inclusion – building winning teams

The corporate sector is abuzz with discussions around Diversity and Inclusion to prove that it is more than just policies and headcounts. It significantly impacts human resources, teams, companies, performance, wellbeing, and productivity. Leading management consultancies like Mckinsey. PwC, Deloitte, and KPMG have over the last few years tracked companies across the globe. One common observation that strongly stands out is the likelihood of financial outperformance in companies that are…

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How going green can impact your company’s reputation

To be (green) or not to be (green) Broccoli should be the only green thing not loved by everyone. Other than that, almost everything green should be preserved. Undeniably, it is essential and vital for our environment and our future. Our life is characterised by instability. Indeed, it isn’t easy to think about where we will be in ten years. Or what we will be doing in twenty? Will we…

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new normal
Managing a remote working team? You need to bring new skills to the table.

There is a growing belief that remote working will continue even post-pandemic. COVID19 has redefined the ways teams communicate and remote working is no longer a privilege but a need. While this is being looked at as a temporary set-up, the challenges and opportunities for making remote working productive and engaging for employees are many. With empathetic, practical, and creative solutions, this arrangement can augment the growth of both –…

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8 reasons why you need to treat your employees as brand ambassadors

Nowadays, companies are expected to face challenges due to various factors. If left unmanaged, even the most stable of companies may collapse. Creating a brand ambassador program can assist in getting your company back on its feet. One effective program involves enabling your own employees to become brand ambassadors.   Here are some reasons you need to treat your employees as brand ambassadors?   Employees are the ideal brand ambassadors…

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Two traits that business leaders must cultivate – Show Empathy and Listen More

The growth and success of any organization are largely due to its leadership. So, it is just right that business leaders must possess certain traits in order to thrive in the industry. An organization or a business can be compared to an army in some ways. The soldiers look up to their General or Commander for inspiration, motivation, direction, and most importantly, leadership – all of which contribute towards winning…

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Social Responsibility: 3 Companies You Should Emulate

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an act performed by a business to not only maximize shareholder value but also impact the society it operates in. When businesses decide to start CSR programs, they not only build trust with their customers but also benefit in terms of productivity and bottom line. As part of their community commitment, many companies around the world are increasingly getting involved in CSR activities in a…

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3 Ways to Promote Your CSR Program

Are you having a hard time developing and promoting your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program? How do you improve it? Perhaps you want to increase the profile of your CSR activities? If you said yes to the above questions, then read on. Don’t be afraid of telling everyone about your CSR program, whether it’s ongoing or you are still in the process of developing it. Why? People care about social…

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