Internal Communications

ESG communications strategy
How to Improve Your ESG Communications Strategy

Environmental, Social, and Governance Communications (ESG) considerations have become integral in corporate strategies in recent years. Due to this, companies know it’s important to let stakeholders know about their ESG efforts. How do they achieve this, you might wonder? The answer is through a well-crafted ESG communications strategy. This enables them to communicate key aspects of their brand, including their dedication to sustainable practices, social responsibility, and effective governance. In…

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Five Top Management Tools Every Manager Should Use Today

Managing a team is a tiring task. Managers have to deal with new and evolving challenges on a daily basis. They have a wide scope of responsibilities to accomplish their tasks and the missions of their team members. A true leader has to know the required tools to achieve success and accomplish the best results while dealing with various projects, teams, missions, and sometimes dealing with clients as well. Working…

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how to build trust
How to build trust at workplace and maintain it – a CEO speaks

Fostering mutual trust is important for any organization that wishes to succeed. ‘Trust’ is a simple yet powerful and priceless virtue that builds over time with transparency and honesty. Be empathetic and collaborative with colleagues. It will allow them to deliver their best without feeling vulnerable about being judged. Not just in workplaces but trust is central to our lives and exists everywhere from relationships to business dealings. And when…

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influencer marketing
Why Many Brands are Turning to Micro-Influencers

While it seemed like a crazy idea at the beginning, using micro-influencers to push brands’ visibility has now become the go-to solution. And rightly so because micro-influencers, despite their low fan base, have proven that they too can influence purchase decisions in their own small but equally effective way. Influencers were big news back then but these days, the previously shunned group of social media go-getters have now become more marketable.…

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Mind over profits. Making your staff’s mental health a priority

These are unprecedented times, where the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted each aspect of our lives. While we have survived contagions like SARS, MERS, etc., the sheer havoc wrecked by the rapid global spread of Covid-19 has been unmatched. In an attempt to minimize the spread of infections, governments worldwide had to resort to drastic measures to slow the rate of infections. These include lockdowns, self-isolation, social distancing, and strict hygiene…

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How to prepare for a video conference at home

A step by step guide on perfecting your video conference from home. How to prepare for a Video Conference at home Are you ready for your first video conference at home?  Here are some tips on preparing so that your first try goes as smoothly as possible. Hardwired connection vs. WiFi A hardwired connection helps to avoid a poor or inconsistent connection and ensures good quality. Choose a quiet space…

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Crisis Communication
Fine-tuning your communication during a crisis

For the first time in possibly a long time, everyone is in agreement – we are in the midst of a crisis. Emergencies have always brought people together. However, with disruption, comes an opportunity to be seen, heard and taken seriously. Here are a few crisis communication steps brands can take during these next few weeks. 1. Take a step back 2. Understand behaviour 3. Be Social 4. Communicate 5.…

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Gearing up brands to survive COVID-19 impact

During the past 2 months, COVID-19 has spread its tentacles across geographies despite preventive measures being undertaken on a war footing. With its continued escalation, it is also presenting a potential impact on brands and organizations. While the outbreak continues to remain another source of stress to possibly every stratum of society, companies need to equip themselves in order to manage this uncertainty with clarity in communications and messaging. Time…

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