Digital Marketing

How to increase your conversion rate in digital marketing?

Several corporations started realizing the power of digital marketing and began investing money and resources to direct traffic to their websites or social media accounts. This represents the first step to achieving success in digital marketing. Nevertheless, what really counts is the conversion rate in digital marketing and the percentage of these users who actually purchase your services or products. The means to improve your conversion rate in digital marketing…

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Are you in touch with global SEO trends?

Without an efficient site optimization approach, attracting people to your site may be a difficult endeavour. According to statistics, Google receives around 3.5 billion queries every day. Every website competes for the top spot, but only those that are efficiently optimised make it to the top of the search results. Your site must rank on the top page in order to attract the much-needed traffic. This leads us to the…

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Is your content ready for the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is the future of business as almost every sector is taking heed of this new development to scale up their long-term strategies. This new era in cyberspace has reinvigorated all aspects of businesses and brands have begun to see the potential behind it. Is you business ready for the metaverse? While marketers are changing their modus operandi to optimize Web 3.0, brands should also bother about how to…

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Capitalizing the PR-able edge of Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a complex and vital part of the internet today. In a digital world that has seamlessly evolved from using the internet to exchange emails to relying on e-channels for banking, shopping, education, and investments. Blockchain is the security in technology that everyone has been looking for, since the advent of the digital age. While certainly not being a household name in technology that can be handheld or…

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How to Leverage the Power of SEO for Your Business

All businesses that want to attract customers online, no matter the business size or age, know the power of SEO and how important it is as a tool. There are around 1.8 billion websites online, and basic SEO allows search engines like Google to find and catalogue your web pages. But whether they list your business on the first page or the 25th depends on how strong your SEO is.…

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The role of PR in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Technology has been the foremost game-changer in almost every avenue of human interest. From ways to work and communicate to explore and transact; there’s a steep rise in preference for going contactless and digital. The dense market penetration of the smartphone revolution has also made it easy and convenient to pay through digital registers. Well, it isn’t a surprise that cryptocurrency, a new way to transact is steadily gaining popularity.…

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live streaming
Live Streaming Apps – the effective communication tool for PR professionals.

Live streaming emerged only a few years ago, with companies like Periscope, Meerkat, and Facebook Live taking the charge. While the trend quickly caught on, especially among younger audiences, no one actually thought that it would become essential in Public Relations. While Meerkat didn’t last long, other live streaming apps joined the fray including Twitter’s live video and YouTube live. But how can this new technology affect the public relations…

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online shopping
Is the phenomenal rise of E-commerce good or bad for us?

Let’s face it, one of the most obvious by-products of the pandemic is the rise of E-commerce. The global health crisis has caused an unprecedented disruption across all 32 sectors with the retail scene having borne the brunt as most brands, for whatever reason, had minimal to zero online presence to fall back on. It’s no wonder that many retailers closed shop as most countries announced tough measures in an effort…

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