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“PR pros, keep evolving,” says 2023!

Evolving and adapting are second in nature for Public Relations. But the way industries have experienced unprecedented times – the standstill 2020, unpredictable 2021, and recovering 2022; PR went through unimaginable changes. Our resilience helped us stay afloat, relevant and competitive and as the new calendar year beckons, it’s time to yet again pivot, adapt, and evolve to match and master the upcoming trends in 2023. Content-wise, Content-worthy Never before…

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press release
Is the Editor Ignoring your Press Release?

  A great press release is an effective marketing tool that can give your brand the awareness it deserves.  This tool can help you boost your brand image, increase your coverage, and engage your stakeholders.  However, a poorly crafted press release (PR) can be unfruitful and a waste of time for both the company and the media house.  If you are wondering why editors are not responding to your press release,…

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