digital currency
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin – new terms that’s becoming part of our daily lives

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin- I stumbled upon these terms a few years back (though they originated way back in 2008). But I casually brushed them off considering them far too technical for my layman’s mind. Besides, they made little or no difference to my scope of work and daily activities. Probably the only information I had about these terms was through stories of individuals who became billionaires just by keeping…

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Capitalizing the PR-able edge of Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a complex and vital part of the internet today. In a digital world that has seamlessly evolved from using the internet to exchange emails to relying on e-channels for banking, shopping, education, and investments. Blockchain is the security in technology that everyone has been looking for, since the advent of the digital age. While certainly not being a household name in technology that can be handheld or…

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The role of PR in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Technology has been the foremost game-changer in almost every avenue of human interest. From ways to work and communicate to explore and transact; there’s a steep rise in preference for going contactless and digital. The dense market penetration of the smartphone revolution has also made it easy and convenient to pay through digital registers. Well, it isn’t a surprise that cryptocurrency, a new way to transact is steadily gaining popularity.…

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