Crisis Communications

elements of a crisis communication plan
Essential Elements Of An Effective Crisis Communication Plan

A company’s daily operations are important, but communication is much more important in an emergency. Consequently, having a crisis communication plan on hand that they can readily use whenever anything damaging occurs is of the utmost importance for the companies and their PR teams. An effective crisis communications plan is something that businesses or PR teams are familiar with, as is its significance. Its purpose is to offer structure and…

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The Future is Here: Are ChatGPT and Google Bard Really a Threat to the Communications Industry?

Revolutionising the Communications landscape with AI Tools The media and Public Relations (PR) industries thrive on effective communication, strategic messaging, and building strong relationships with stakeholders. In this dynamic landscape, AI tools like Google Bard and Chat GPT have garnered attention and instilled a sense of concern in some. Several industry professionals, including content writers, editors, and PR professionals, worry about these technologies eliminating their job roles’ needs. Multiple group…

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Harnessing the power of Social Media for peace mediation

The successful impact of social media even for peace mediation is visible across dimensions of human civilization. From businesses, government, and private holdings to its role play in conflict prevention; the digital tools are in action continuously. However, one cannot ignore its negative impact. And as responsible users, one needs to understand how best to harness its power to bring a positive change in times of geopolitical crisis. Social Media…

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Crisis Communication and Reputation Management on the Radar Now More Than Ever

Crisis communication and reputation management has become more popular, especially now that people can instantly share negative reviews via their social media accounts. This makes companies and brands more vulnerable. Hence they need to have a solid crisis communication and reputation management strategy to counter any imminent threat to their reputation – whether offline or online. Eighty-four percent of organizations have an emergency crisis communication plan in place, this is…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Agency As Part Of Your Crisis Management

It so happens that every now and then, companies tend to face a crisis. It could be a bad review, a product recall that went wrong, a scandal, etc. If not handled correctly, these situations can affect the company’s brand negatively. Even influence the bottom-line of the company. So, the question is, do you have a crisis management plan or strategy in place? A crisis can hurt your competitiveness and…

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The Road to recovery: A guide to getting back to business after a crisis

Reviving your business, especially after a crisis, presents a great opportunity to ‘reinvent’ it. Some businesses see it as a chance to change their strategies, streamline their operations, and come back stronger than before. This is a time to reflect,  study the new market environment, identify emerging needs and opportunities, and then develop a solid, need-oriented strategy that will set you up on the path to recovery. While 40 percent…

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5 qualities common to companies that thrived during the pandemic

Antonio Lucio, CMO of Facebook in his discussion with Peggy Alford, Executive VP, Paypal, discussed the current challenges businesses face today. He also mentioned 5 things that were common to companies that have stood the test of time including the pandemic. Here is my take on those 5 qualities and how companies can benefit from them. Lead by Purpose – These companies were led by their purpose! A company must first…

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Who Will Lead the Change in the New Reality?

The dreaded COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another. Many businesses have suffered immensely as a result of the measures that have been put in place to contain the spread. Now that the world is transitioning to the new reality, are we ready to embrace the inevitable change? Business owners, senior executives, and managers are now faced with the challenge of how to keep their businesses afloat…

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Effective use of Influencer Marketing during COVID-19

A crisis calls for a new way of thinking. Now is the time to find new solutions to manage the way we work. While COVID-19 may have brought a setback to most businesses, influencer marketing provides a silver lining with new opportunities and different ways of communication. It is, therefore, important for brands and businesses to find ways to keep their products and services alive in the minds of the…

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Importance of influencer marketing to develop effective content during a pandemic

It is no news that the world is changing amidst the backdrop of COVID-19. With that, marketers and communication experts are finding it even harder to find innovative ways to engage their audience. In times like these, resiliency can make a huge impact on businesses. Every brand and business alike should learn the importance of influencer marketing. With countries going under lockdown, there has also been an increase in digital…

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