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5 Easy Tips for Effective Content Writing

In a world where information is abundant, the reality is that anyone can write content. However, being able to write content that stands out is a different thing. Writing intriguing and interesting content is a skill that can impact your career, whether you are a blogger, marketer, writer, or any other professional. This is because any content you are writing always has to resonate with your audience and positively impact…

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5 Effective ways to create content for Social Media

Businesses, small and big alike are thanking the social media revolution for connecting them directly with target audiences. Content posted on the world wide web has the power to make you stand out in a tough competitive space and turn fans into followers. However, it isn’t enough to sporadically turn up on every platform just to mark your presence. It is important to create content that keeps the engagement levels…

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Five elements every digital marketing strategy should have

Digital marketing has become a crucial element of the success of any business. However, not all companies have a distinctly defined digital marketing strategy. Although online marketing provides a much larger return on investment in comparison to classical marketing, some businesses still haven’t realized its full power. Some other companies exert a lot of effort and resources but do not accomplish the desired outcomes. These corporations should re-think their online…

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Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy With These 5 SEO Tips

Content marketing strategy for SEO ranking remains a top focus for marketers across industries. Consider this: When was the last time you searched for something online, whether it was company information or hotel reviews, without using Google? Despite the significance of SEO, content marketers continue to struggle with their content marketing strategy. It necessitates them treading carefully around Google’s ever-changing criteria and approaching the objective of ranking high from a…

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PR pros
“PR pros, keep evolving,” says 2023!

Evolving and adapting are second in nature for Public Relations. But the way industries have experienced unprecedented times – the standstill 2020, unpredictable 2021, and recovering 2022; PR went through unimaginable changes. Our resilience helped us stay afloat, relevant and competitive and as the new calendar year beckons, it’s time to yet again pivot, adapt, and evolve to match and master the upcoming trends in 2023. Content-wise, Content-worthy Never before…

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Indulging in the crunchiest bites of the AMEC framework

The need for PR professionals to be able to measure the value on the work done for their clients was recognized early on, leading to the development of the Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE). Unfortunately, AVES came at a high cost. The ease of use of AVE was compensated by extremely erroneous results, despite the fact that it made the financial side of the results easier to measure and provide. The…

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Why an SEO Strategy is Super Important For Your Content Marketing

  Looking to find a cafe nearby? Looking to answer a question that’s on your mind? or Looking for tips to learn something new? Most likely, your initial step will be to use a search engine like Google or Bing. This is why an SEO strategy is important for your content marketing. According to research, most consumers do not go past the first page of results, implying that these search engines…

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content curation
Mastering the art of presentations

Go on, you can do it. Master the art of presentations Ok, you’ve been chosen to make that presentation for the new account pitch. There’s going to be 12 people. How do you feel about it? Or you could be called up to address an audience of 400 people. Nervous? Let’s face it, presentations are an essential part of any PR practitioner’s role. And this includes online presentations too. But…

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content marketing
The spotlight this year is on shorter, meaningful content. Read why.

When trying to advertise your products or services, content marketing is an avenue that you should never overlook. You can’t just hope to reach everyone with your message using conventional and outright outdated tactics, that’s not how it works. Target audience analysis can help you find the market you want to share your message with and the best way to get your message across. Another thing you should pay attention…

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