Brand Journalism

Brand Storytelling Done Right

Brand Storytelling Done Right PR mavericks are constantly crafting new ideas and pondering over how best to energize content to optimize audience engagement. Whilst, it is an attempt to elevate the brand impression, establish recall and connect to your target groups; it is simply not a technique or method that can be grasped in one sitting. The art of  brand storytelling requires creativity, vision, skill and of course practice.   If this…

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how to create press release
What Do Editors Look for in a Press Release?

What Do Editors Look for in a Press Release? The highly competitive business environment calls for organizations to engage in aggressive marketing including press release. This entails using all the tools at your disposal, including the press release. No wonder, press releases are still relevant today. This marketing communication tool can be an effective technique for your firm to boost sales. However, press releases have to be reviewed by an…

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press release writing
How to put together a good PR brief

  Brief it Up! Pitching, briefing, collating; these words aren’t novel to the PR industry. However, what sets a professional agency apart from its competitors is its ability to extract information from the client’s PR brief, an in-depth understanding of the brand and collating finer communication details. So, what are the tricks of information seeking, you ask? Read on…. Good enough: Steer clear of verbose and over-the-top brand information. What…

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The Art of Storytelling in Entrepreneurship

  Be it PR, Corporate Communications, Advertising or even Marketing; which is the industries’ favorite buzz phrase? Well, it is ‘effective storytelling’! These two words ring a soothing bell and have been communicators’ favorite since the inception of various communication service laterals. But as the industry thrived and led ways to newer business avenues, ‘effective storytelling’ honed its context to mean a strategic drive to convert inquiries into sales. One…

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Why should businesses use blogs in their marketing?

What is “business blogging”? Hubspot defines business blogging as a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility. Businesses use blogs to promote their brands to wide range of audinece.  As we know it, blogging is a form of creating short-form content, which is posted on a designated part of a website commonly known as a ‘blog’. Business blogging promotes businesses and brands.  It ensures that…

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Golden Rule in PR
Tools to build brands via social media platforms

The Struggle on Social Media… Building a successful brand is no cakewalk. Most of the time, a lot of hard work and resources have gone into building all the successful brands we have come to know and love. The journey to transform and build a strong brand online can be lengthy and frustrating. Therefore, brand building is not for the faint-hearted. Social media, as cool as it sounds, is a double-edged sword…

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Bloggers vs Journalists

When the Internet did not yet exist, the information was available on television, radio or in magazines and newspapers. Then journalists took advantage of the boost of the web to expand information online. With the advent of web 2.0, it has become extremely easy to create a blog and speak without necessarily having the required diploma. Do bloggers encroach on the territory of journalists, or have more influence than them? Before,…

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17 FOR 2017: TOP TIPS

2017 will be the year of consolidation in terms of communications, customer-centricity and capital expenditures. My topline predictions for the regional communications industry for 2017 are as under: 17 FOR 2017: Doing less but doing it well Consultancies will be faced with the rather rare situation of having to concentrate their efforts on conceptualizing fewer communications.Thus, they need to execute campaigns albeit with much larger impact and outcomes. This trend…

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