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Public Relations Strategy for Gaming Brands
How to Create a Winning Public Relations Strategy for Gaming Brands in the Middle East

If you are in the gaming space then you know that crafting a stellar public relations strategy for gaming brands demands a tailored approach that resonates with gamers’ culture and industry dynamics. Here’s a guide to leveling up your PR game in the Middle East which is a melting pot of cultures: Setting Goals and Objectives Define Your Quest: Determine what your gaming brand aims to achieve through PR—whether it’s…

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Public relations strategies
Public Relations Strategies For Startups: Cultivating Your Brand From The Beginning

Today’s highly competitive business landscape necessitates a need for startups to establish a strong brand presence. The reality is that startups, in comparison to established brands need to work much harder, tapping into much more than a press release to garner attention.  Their media landscape extends into reputable news and business media websites, broadcasts, and magazines. Public relations is a vital part of building successful brands in the 21st century.…

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What To Expect From A Brand Ambassador

The last time someone recommended a product or restaurant, did you check it out? Why? The reason you followed up on it or not was due to the relationship you had with the person. Was it not because of the influence of the Brand Ambassador?     You might have considered whether they had your best interest at heart before taking their advice.  Consumers act depending on the quality of…

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The power of a brand story

We can help you build yours  From where you are sitting, do you feel like you’ve utilized all the best marketing strategies available? Yet, still feel that you are not quite there – like there is something missing? If yes, it could well be that a signature brand story is the answer. Many brands haven’t realized the importance of building their growth strategy foundation upon brand storytelling. Unfortunately, their failure…

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8 reasons why you need to treat your employees as brand ambassadors

Nowadays, companies are expected to face challenges due to various factors. If left unmanaged, even the most stable of companies may collapse. Creating a brand ambassador program can assist in getting your company back on its feet. One effective program involves enabling your own employees to become brand ambassadors. Here are some reasons you need to treat your employees as brand ambassadors? Employees are the ideal brand ambassadors There is…

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Showcase your expertise and see your brand awareness grow

Brand awareness refers to the degree of consumer recognition a brand has. Brand awareness is what helps a business to grow. Your target audience needs to know and trust your brand, that is the only way your brand’s awareness will grow, increasing your customer base and sales. To increase your brand awareness, you need to show your expertise in action; but how do you do that? You can do it…

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Be a storyteller. It’s a better way to emotionally connect with your audiences.

Everybody loves a good story and the best way to emotionally connect with people is by telling them your story. Being a storyteller creates a tremendous impact with the audiences. This proves to be true even especially when it comes to business. Gerald Zaltman, a Harvard Business School professor, says that 95 percent of our buying decisions take place in our subconscious and they are fueled by emotions. The way…

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The Main Responsibilities of a Devote Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador positively represents your brand and markets it to new potential customers. By doing this, they increase brand awareness and conversions. They embody the brand and provide credibility, trustworthy promotion, and increased brand visibility. 8 main responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador Humanizing your brand The truth is, most TV viewers change channels when an advert comes up. Studies have also shown that 74 percent of millennials and Gen…

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Influencer Marketing – the winning edge that brands need

The advent of social media ushered in a new era for brand marketing and Influencer Marketing, in particular, has garnered immense interest in the last few years. Scores of influencers are bringing brands into the limelight vouching for qualitative outreach. Incredibly, influencers have bought about a breakthrough in the world of marketing. Although businesses have had setbacks during the pandemic, the Influencer Marketing industry has seen a significant rise. In…

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Social Responsibility: 3 Companies You Should Emulate

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an act performed by a business to not only maximize shareholder value but also impact the society it operates in. When businesses decide to start CSR programs, they not only build trust with their customers but also benefit in terms of productivity and bottom line. As part of their community commitment, many companies around the world are increasingly getting involved in CSR activities in a…

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