Blogging undoubtedly started as a wannabe website but today it is what all websites wannabe. It was constructed as a distinct but trivial tower when compared to skyscrapers on the business landscape.

The ease of use, freedom of expression and with no bondage of any particular writing style has made blogs an exceptional way to communicate with customers, clients, contacts, people and society at large.

So what does this have to do with PR?

One of the biggest problems companies face today is the inherent lack of mistrust people have in advertising or official press releases. The mistrust is also amplified because of the language or voice that is used to impress them.

The importance of PR has increased multifold.

So we ask the same question. What does this have to do with PR?

The candid conversational style of writing personifies and brings in a human element to a company’s message.

The human voice gives the customer something they can identify with and an image to relate to.

Blogging is not only the creation of a voice for the company but also is a means to define, shape and tone that voice to what it ideally needs to be.

But it also doubles up as the eyes and ears because of its interactive nature.

PR is no longer about being spin doctors but simply being wellness doctors to companies and blogging is the magic pen that makes every doctors illegible handwriting clear and comprehensible. Inexpensive, unrestricted by a limit on words and the ability to integrate it with social media makes blogging a very potent PR tool. Add to that the benefit of search engine optimization.

Having said that, just by penning down a few lines on your blog about a few things about your company does not mean it is going to be a successful tool. It needs thought, structure, strategy and time. And we shall discuss all that too.

But for now it stands tall with its towering presence on the business landscape.