Be your own Public Relations Agency

Be your own Public Relations Agency

Guide: How to be your own Public Relations Agency

One of the most eagerly debated topics amongst executives at PR agencies is finding the time and means to actually promote their own Public Relations Agency.

The reality is that our days are so consumed with crafting PR plans, establishing and maintaining relationships with both clients and the press, securing coverage and promoting our client’s business.  The result? We neglect to do PR for ourselves and for our own business.

It’s imperative that a Public Relations Agency make a conscious effort to spread goodwill about themselves.  It takes consistent effort and creativity to position ourselves as a favored agency.

There are three parameters that should be embedded in every Public Relations Agency’s practices.

  1. Media – Developing and maintain strong media relations; one that is reliable and is based on mutual respect.  This can make or break the sustainability of an agency. Cultivating existing contacts and creating new ones will set your agency apart from others.
  2. Clients – Going beyond client meetings on a professional basis is key in winning the hearts and minds of individual executives that we deal with from the client’s side. Getting to know the client a bit closer through social interactions will create an unfailing and enjoyable relationship.
  3. General Public – Being socially responsible and actively present in social media platforms is important.  This can position an agency in a favorable light amongst the general audience. To be socially responsible can mean participating, taking up volunteering opportunities and aiding charity organizations. While being actively present in social media involves feeding Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other social media outlets with news and imagery related to your clients or your own team members.

Just remember, promoting your business to stay in business is as important as promoting and creating buzz for your client’s business.

For some additional insight and ideas on how to self-promote, take a look at Jami Oetting’s blog about at how some advertising agencies have successfully tackled this issue over the years.

What other tactics can a Public Relations Agency employ to be their own PR Agency?