Al Muqarram Group (AMG)


Matrix PR helps AMI to lay a concrete foundation


The Case

With over 20 years of experience, Al Muqarram Group’s key objective was to establish itself as a key player in the GCC construction/real estate space using its homegrown expertise, insights, and experience.

Al Muqarram needed a PR partner to drive its communications objectives and position the brand as a reliable and credible construction partner.



Position AMG favourably in the GCC

Raise brand awareness among key stakeholders (customers & media) in the GCC

Build trust and rapport with the business media

Participate in key industry events and be seen as an expert in the field


  • The media heavily relied on GCC-based international sources for construction/real estate information.

  • The media was unfamiliar with the niche industry or the brand.


Region filled with experienced construction companies and product distributors.

GCC media had developed relationships with the established players and were constantly receiving information from these institutions.

However, there was an opportunity for Al Muqarram to penetrate the GCC market and establish itself as a formidable, homegrown player in the local chemical construction products and real estate space.

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

The agency aligned Al Muqarram’s communications objectives, developed and executed a tactical PR strategy, which set out to position them as an expert with unmatched regional experience in construction/real estate matters.

Buy-in and support from the media was crucial in boosting the company’s expertise.

The campaign leveraged avenues to position the brand as a reliable source of construction/real estate-related news and information.

The agency also leveraged the company’s expertise to attract business media who sought quotes and comments on various construction/real estate matters.

It was crucial to build rapport with the business media by constantly and efficiently feeding them with relevant/timely information.

  • Disseminate monthly press releases/industry-focused articles

  • Regular pitching of Op-Eds & interviews by spokesperson

  • Formulating responses (expert comments, industry issues) when approached by business media

Execution & Tactics


Resource Center

  • Crafting relevant, newsworthy content and strategically disseminating it to the GCC media and mainstream online business/construction/real estate news-focused publications.

    Pitching article/Op-Ed ideas to business media in the GCC.

Expertise & Knowledge of the regional industry

  • Disseminating comments from the company’s spokesperson to business media GCC-wide.

    Proactively generating Op-Eds and thought leadership articles on trending topics and distributing to select media in the GCC.

Media Outreach

  • Arranging interviews for the spokesperson.

    Approaching key media for opportunities on comments or quotes from Al Muqarram.

    Spokesperson’s opinion on related topics sought by mainstream business media and used in relevant articles.



The agency’s communications strategy and tactics raised/strengthened the company’s profile in the regional construction/real estate industry as well as positioned it as a reliable source of information for GCC media.

The agency was also able to increase the brand’s share of voice in the mainstream media using their expertise, insights and industry outlook in all media material. The agency’s media liaison team successfully handled all press enquiries especially during key events.

Key Online Coverage

Over 50 online coverage including GN KT, Authority Magazine, Gulf Business, Entrepreneur Al Arabiya etc.

Top Tier Print Coverage

28 print clippings include Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Al Bayan. Al Khaleej, Al Roeya, MEP Middle East, ME Consultant, PMV Middle East etc.

Industry Comments

Leadership positioning in all mainstream print media – covering construction-related, comments and industry insights.

Media Requests

Enhanced brand visibility/expertise recognition resulted in regular enquiries from the business media.

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