Al Masah Investor Forum PR Campaign

Al Masah

Creating a platform that brought together investors, industry players, investment advisors and the media;

Enabling them to access and communicate industry insights with ease


The Case

Al Masah Capital Limited is a leading GCC-based independent advisory and asset management firm. It is a major regional player with a global reach. Al Masah Capital is known for its in-depth expertise that generates performance and value.

The company was formed to bridge the huge gap between industries and investors when communicating industry insights beneficial to investors. Investors need expert information when making decisions, and they need a platform to access these insights. Al Masah Capital provides just that – by changing the narrative and creating a platform that the key stakeholders could share.

They also sought to position their brand as thought leaders, opinion shapers and as a reliable source of information.



In order to ensure that the Investor Forums made a meaningful impact, the agency was tasked with;

Creating awareness for the forum

Positioning Al Masah as thought leaders and opinion shapers

Presenting the company as a reliable source of information to the news media

Showcase Al Masah as a trusted investment partner


  • Packaging the campaign in a way that arouses curiosity among the regional business media

  • Competing in a space dominated by established industry players


For any industry to thrive, the players need to fully understand their respective operating environment, analyze insights, and be able to predict trends in order to remain competitive.

As investors choose which portfolios to invest in, expert information becomes paramount to the final decision.

A preliminary internal research by Al Masah revealed a huge, and in most cases widening, gap between industries and investors in terms of communicating useful industry insights that would be beneficial to investors.



After exploring several options Matrix zeroed in on selected media opportunities to create awareness about the forum using campaigns that aroused the curiosity of regional business media. The idea was to position the Al Masah brand as a catalyst of regional investment interaction. Our messaging needed to establish Al Masah Capital as a thought leader in a space dominated by established industry players. It also needed to address the need for industry players to understand the environment, analyze insights, and provide useful information to investors. In order to ensure that the investor forum made a meaningful impact, the agency did the following;

Key report dissemination to selected media -- pre, during and post forum

Press releases development and distribution

Pitch and coordinate media interview opportunities

Profile key spokesperson(s) during the forum

Identify an influential media personality to be the keynote speaker

  • Report Dissemination

  • Media Material (development/distribution), Media opportunity identification

  • Profile Building

Execution & Tactics


Media Engagement

    • The agency shortlisted and invited key business & financial editors and senior reporters to participate in the forum not only as media but also as stakeholders.
    • The agency also recommended working closely with a leading media house, Financial Times.
    • The agency also scheduled and coordinated media interviews during the event.


    • The agency was responsible for developing and disseminating all communication materials to the media – before, during, and after the forum.

Different Perspective

    • The agency put the media in the spotlight by recommending and inviting a media personality to make the keynote speech at the forum.
    • This tact not only provided investors with a different perspective, it also boosted coverage for the forum.



The agency's tactical media relations efforts secured an impressive media list for the forum.

By successfully managing to showcase relevance and value-addition to the respective industries, the agency was able to confirm adequate media attendance not only to provide coverage but also as stakeholders.

The trickle-down effect was designed to be dedicated, accurate and trigger in-depth reporting about investment matters

Increase in Attendance

35% increase in attendance compared to the previous forum

Media Coverage

310 clippings (English & Arabic) over the campaign period

Media Attendance

19 Tier 1 media

Success Rate in Numbers

51% increase in media coverage compared to the previous forum

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