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1 Launch Event. 20M views. Movie Stars + Football = Celeb Football Cup


The Case

The PR challenge for AG Events was to launch the brand in an already over-saturated category and introduce Ayush Gupta’s credentials on the region’s biggest stage, while also creating its own niche and Intellectual Property



Establish a relationship with the media

Build a strong identity

Connect with the audience at a deep level and attract future partners/clients


  • Outdoor event in the middle of summer

  • Attracting Dubai-based A-listers

  • Breaking into the event organizing segment

  • Creating an equally powerful team (Emirates United)

  • Short timeline

Research & Data

The ballooning expatriate population which stands at 8.92 million in 2022 presents the industry with a rich mix of consumers with niche needs.

There was a need to bridge the gap between local celebrities and their fans by creating an event that both parties can actively engage in and to the benefit of the society.

Findings revealed that football was the most popular sport overall and the second most popular among the Asian subcontinent expats in the region.

The 20 – 35 age group wanted an event that felt fun, competitive, and entertaining.

Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

3 Play Approach - Using 3 Football Strategies for Brand Building

PHASE 1: Give & Go - Gain a deeper understanding of what the client needs/expects and use the feedback to formulate a cohesive strategy.

PHASE 2: Diagonal Runs - Demonstrate AG Events’ expertise in building synergies between different audience demographics.

PHASE 3: Long Ball - Build credibility within the event planning/managementspace.

  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

  • Partnerships

  • Awareness creation

  • Brand recognition

  • Leadership

  • Build Synergy



UAE A-listers

  • Formulated a team of UAE A-listers to attract spectators to the event. Kris Fade, Binbaz, Fadi Al Khatib, HE Naser Al Neyadi challenged Ranbir Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Kartik Aaryan, and others


  • To ensure influencers’ attendance, we provided them with VIP passes and also a chance to experience the action from a vantage point, which helped in securing coverage through social media platforms

Media relations

  • The agency’s media outreach efforts supported the event objectives to reach the target audience throughout the region. This, in turn, helped to educate the public on what the brand is providing


  • Secured 6 Tier 1 media interviews that revolve around AG Event’s expertise on international event management despite a decision not to allow the celebrities to give media interviews

Strategic media placements

  • Scheduled pre-event press releases and media alerts that gave the media a rundown of what to expect on the day of the event

Media opportunities

  • Finding the correct partners for AG events to create the desired exposure and positioning. The included a daily and business magazine, besides radio and TV partners



Matrix's efforts resulted in overwhelming interest from regional media & top celebrities, great football fan turnout and new strategic partnerships mooted. Matrix PR and AG Events together were able to ignite a deeper connection between UAE-based celebrities and their local fanbase and add much-needed glamor to the sport.

Reach & impressions

13,620,002 and 20,430,003 respectively across print and digital, with over 20 million views on social media, and 100,000+ likes

Media partnerships

300+ AG events mentions with celeb cup and 20+ Ayush Gupta mentions for celeb cup, resulting in AG events gaining 4 new media partnerships, Motivate and Curly Tales

Viral moments

‘Ranbir I love you’ went viral after Ranbir Kapoor winked at a girl who shouted “I love you!”

Positive turnout

Over 2,000 spectators in the stadium, 100% of which said would like to see this as an annual event

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