How PR helped to achieve growth, a new channel partner and overachieve MQL targets


The Case

Acronis is a global leader in cyber security and data backup.

Acronis wanted to build a distinct identity and improve the quality and quantity of its leads.

Matrix PR went beyond the scope of PR to help Acronis overachieve its targets.

The agency helped Acronis achieve 3 key milestones.



Create a unique word association that did not exist in the minds of audiences and media

Besides content, to add value to the client to help improve the quality of leads by 50%

Position Acronis as a brand deeply invested in the region with a distinct voice


  • Acronis needed a distinct identity to stand out in the crowded cyber-security industry.

  • Acronis needed marketing to aid lead generation with quality & quantity.

  • Acronis lacked positioning as a strong regional player despite a strong global presence.


Matrix consulted a variety of contacts, media and clients to get a deeper understanding of the industry, the key players and the dynamics of the market.

Market Research revealed that no technology firm had claimed the Cyber Protection specialist title, offering unmatched expertise in the sports industry.

The Arabic team shared insights on the lack of visible diversity & women in the technology space.

Campaign Strategy

Campaign Strategy

Based on our research, the strategy revolved around 3 key concepts:

  • Employ law of new category for a distinct identity

  • Lead the conversation on diversity & equality in technology

  • Tap into media & events for qualified leads

Execution & Tactics



    • Matrix PR popularised the Cyber Protection term with all the media and ensured that all
      mentions of Acronis were as Cyber Protection experts.
    • The media were educated on the difference between cyber security & cyber protection.
    • Releases of Acronis with Atletico Madrid, Ajax, and Man City helped secure the sports hook.
    • By using data from the Acronis Data Centers, Matrix ensured Acronis was featured regularly in
      the media on topics relating to tech and cyber security.


    • The Team closely monitored the opportunities in Arabic media and often had the Acronis spokesperson featured such as Vision 2030.
    • Expo 2020, Golden Visa, etc. Many local stories featured Acronis spokesperson as the only woman and person of color.
    • The team also identified opportunities to secure more sports clients for Acronis such as IPL and the T20 World Cup.
    • Secured regular columns for Acronis on key tech portals with exclusive articles on topics such as Tips for SME’s, Green Tech, Smart Cities etc.
    • Matrix PR reached out to their Tech contacts pitching Acronis and their status by highlighting
      the coverage received.
    • Secured lead generation campaigns with key media partners for Acronis.


    • The team identified GISEC & GITEX as opportunities to generate leads and exposure and employed large teams at these events.
    • The team secured pre and post coverage for Acronis by advising them on having big announcements timed around these events.




150% Growth in revenue


1 New Channel partner through agency contacts


140% MQL targets achieved thanks to 3 lead gen campaigns with media through PR team recommendations


940% increase in PR coverage in MEA


21 media interviews during GITEX 2020 including TV such as BBC


11 media interviews including 3 TV during GISEC 2021


The female spokesperson featured in over 10 stories in regional media


400m+ is the estimated reach of the campaign

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