Acronis VALUATION TRIPLED ($3.5bn) thanks to the strategic creation of a new category and the creative use of media relations for lead generation


The Case

Matrix PR was instrumental in creating a distinct identity and solid foundation for Acronis to help triple their global valuation. Matrix PR helped Acronis achieve record revenue growth and overachieve lead gen targets while building the new identity through a law of marketing and using sports as a brand differentiator.



We co-created 4 key objectives, which cut across business and communication:

Establish to the stakeholders that the UAE and the ME region could be key markets for the business to invest in

Marketing and PR activities to aid in lead generation

Popularize the new category created in 2021 - “Cyber Protection”

Highlight women in tech & diversity in the region


  • An oversaturated cyber security market in a nascent stage for cyber protection that was still gaining popularity among the media

  • To use PR to boost valuation and contribute to lead generation

  • The industry had an image of being predominantly male-driven and male-led

  • Most brand differentiation tended to be similar for companies in the cybersecurity industry


Most brands used the same avenues for generating leads.

Media research indicated a male-dominant industry, with very few women in the tech & cyberspace.

Sports was a massive brand differentiation to the brand's target audience.

Internal research highlighted Acronis' partnerships with Air Speeder.

Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

We formulated 3 all-rounded and data-driven proactive media relations strategies to achieve our communications objective.

These strategies included:

  • A - Flying Car, Media Partnerships & Events for Lead Generation

  • B - Lead the conversation on diversity & equality in technology industry

  • C - Employ Sports & Law of a new category for a distinct identity



Media Awareness

    • Matrix PR popularised the Cyber Protection term with all the media and ensured that all mentions of Acronis were as Cyber Protection experts
    • Secured media opportunities by researching and paving the way for their spokesperson to comment on trending tech topics such as Metaverse, Cyber Security, and Cyber Protection
    • Matrix ensured Acronis was featured regularly in the media on topics relating to tech and cyber security
    • Leveraged breaking news stories on the nation, government, and the economy to firmly position the spokespersons as thought leaders

Spokesperson/Brand positioning

    • Provided researched-backed and quick bilingual comments to media on an array of topics
    • Secured interviews opportunities for key spokespersons
    • Secured regular columns for Acronis on key tech portals with exclusive articles on topics such as Tips for SME’s, Green Tech, Smart Cities etc.

Events, Sports & Lead Generation

    • Matrix PR identified and secured media engagements and interviews at GISEC, GITEX & Acronis Cyber Summit. The team also secured pre and post event coverage for Acronis by advising them on having big announcements timed around these events.
    • Showcased Airspeeder at GITEX with Etisalat as the first flying race car, which helped secure the sports hook
    • Identified opportunities to secure more sports clients for Acronis such as IPL and the Celebrity Football Cup
    • Secured lead generation campaigns with key media partners for Acronis
    • Organized a media football match with Zabaleta from Man City prior to Acronis Cyber Summit to ring in the sports connection



Media placements

149.87% increase in media placements compared to the previous year

Business impact

Acronis’ value tripled to $3.5 billion and featured Mareva as an award-winning women in tech & cyber security space


Acronis won over 20 industry awards

Business structure

New General Manager for the Middle East Market and a 90% growth in staff

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