6 Excellent ways to attract a bigger audience to your Podcasts

6 Excellent ways to attract a bigger audience to your Podcasts

According to Podcast Index, there are close to 4 million podcasts globally and the number just keeps going up each year. If you are the owner of a podcast you might wonder what it takes to be amongst the top-rated podcasts. In this blog, we highlight some strategies and tips to help you to achieve your objectives.



Start creating your guest lists from influential people you know

All of us know some influencers in various fields. You should start building your guest lists by interviewing these influencers. This would attract a considerable amount of guests to your podcasts to listen to these interviews. Another step in this strategy is to ask those influencers to introduce you to some other experts in different fields. Additionally, you would request them to encourage their fans to listen to their exclusive interviews on your podcasts.

It is also easier once you have started your podcast, to convince people you have personal connections with to do an interview for your podcast. This might turn out to be a great hit, especially if they have friends in common.


Attend interesting events

It is as simple as it sounds! Be present in as many events that would interest your audience as possible. You get the opportunity to meet important figures and influencers that your audience would love to listen to their interviews. It is crucial to establish direct face-to-face relationships with those who would create the difference. Several influencers only agree to carry out interviews when they are organized in person and not online.


Personalize your pitch and think out of the box

Try to make your pitch as personalized as possible. Tailor your questions to explore the personalities of the guests you interview. Ask them new questions to obtain unique answers about novel topics. Another wonderful idea is to think out of the box in terms of the content you present, the people you interview, and most importantly your questions.


Carry out an email campaign promoting your podcasts

In our advanced technological world, it is factually easy to obtain the email addresses of your target audiences. On various websites of corporations, you can find a “Contact Us” email or you can send them an internal message using the contact form.  You should start your email by introducing your name and the podcast you host.

It is a brilliant idea as well to tell the person receiving the email a brief description of your show. This would commonly include the purpose of your podcast, the focus of the show, and perhaps some of the figures you interviewed.


promoting your podcast


Be consistent and keep examining

Your target audience is factually out there somewhere. They are looking for you as much as you are searching for them. Make sure you are broadcasting the content they would love to listen to and be consistent.

Continue producing your unique content. Nevertheless, some interviews would achieve more downloads and successes than others. You should have an analysis of your various interviews to understand the content your audience loves the most, explore new ideas, and keep examining the results you obtain.


Benefit from word of mouth

Among the best approaches to advertising for anything is word of mouth. If your best friend, for example, tells you that this product suits your needs and requirements, you would probably go for it. The same applies to your podcast. Keep telling your network of friends and acquaintances about your podcast and how they would enjoy the content you present. If they are not interested enough, they can recommend your podcast to other users.