5 Smart Ways to Utilize Your Time during a Quarantine Period

5 Smart Ways to Utilize Your Time during a Quarantine Period

Social distancing is the new normal and well almost every tech-enabled business now has employees working remotely from self-isolated zones. Whilst this is the need of the hour, a brand as a whole cannot afford to treat social distancing as “leisure” time. In fact, these are times to introspect and buckle up to work upon changes and strategies that otherwise could have been time-consuming and tedious.

Here are a few tips to get you going:

Hone team talent:

How many times have you felt the need for your team to be training? Well, whilst it may have seemed to be herculean for corporate training, now is the time to optimize the opportunity. Platforms like Udemy offer practical skills in businesses, tech, design and more. You could also schedule a webinar for the entire team to log in so that the feeling of teamwork remains even during social distancing. You could also identify courses for the team to take upon socially connected platforms like Coursera, which help build skills with courses from some of the prominent universities in the world.

Build on your digital communication:

digital communications

Now is a good time to draft and collate those blogs, articles and digital assets to save time in the future.

Take advantage of the quarantine period. Create your brand’s digital communication roadmap and identify the need for content to be drafted. Even a broad idea of topics will help in scheduling timelines and platforms that will be shared eventually.

Even if you manage a digitized wealth to last for next quarter, you will have a lot of time on hand to catch up on work once good times bounce back. Remember, the quarantine isn’t going to last forever.

Rehash your internal systems and processes:

Every business could do with some fine-tuning in managing operations and human capital. This slow-paced period is the perfect time to identify loopholes and find solutions.  Remember, these are not suggestions on how best to utilize your time but simply a reminder to do the things you always put off because you were too busy. For example, ask for inputs from your team on how you can make internal and external processes work better together.  A bit of strategic approach towards bridging the gap will go a long way in organizing the processes.

Relook at corporate objectives and brand strategy:

Businesses evolve. Times change. So Vision, Mission, and Objectives are few of the important aspects of every business that need revisiting at regular intervals. They are often kept on the back burner in our usually hectic routines. This is also a good time to revisit company statements and see if they need to be refined to suit changing times. Perhaps they need a complete makeover in a few cases. Take your PR agency in confidence and discuss communication objectives and brand positioning that can be rolled out once businesses get back to normal.

Market analysis and competitive edge:

Ok, things have slowed down a bit but take this as an opportunity to research and learn. Competition analysis, market scenarios, global trends and brand response to fast-changing times are few of the many things that a business should constantly be doing but other commitments have put them on the back burner.  You might want to talk to your PR agency about competition and brand outreach. Time well spent. These remote exercises will also help in framing a media strategy to bank on when businesses start experiencing an upward trend.

This is the time to examine the way we work, discuss improvements and put in place new strategies to be launched when normality resumes.

The quarantine period can be an opportunity to enrich and strengthen your brand and organization. If you feel the need to do this, we would be happy to assist.