Month: April 2024

Work-life balance
Improve your work-life balance when working remotely (and stay happier and healthier).

Picture this. A typical workday where your cozy living room conveniently transforms into your office, or work station as it’s now fondly referred to by the new age worker, eliminating the need for the dreaded commute or rigid office hours. Who’d have thought we’d see the day when laptops replace boardrooms and virtual meetings become the new norm as traditional boundaries between work and personal life start to fade? Today,…

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PR strategies for building brand
Examining the Dual Impact of Technology on PR: 5 Positive and Negative Effects

The advancement of technology has been transformative in the last few years. Nowadays, technology is closely linked to any company’s efforts to establish PR strategies for building brand. In fact, companies now find that it is difficult to imagine even the smallest of businesses functioning without using basic types of technology. Technology advancements have, for the most part, accelerated workflow and provided essential information-organization systems for PR, amongst others. However,…

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Community Marketing
Community Marketing – More than a buzzword for brand building

Since the internet took off in unchartered consumer territories, engaging audiences on digital platforms has been the norm for brands across sectors. In time, social media platforms and influencers gained a strong foothold in digital space, birthing unconventional ways of collaborating with brands and calling it Social Media Marketing. However, away from the obvious scope of marketers and brand advocates, a steady and powerful mode of brand acceleration was taking…

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elements of a crisis communication plan
Essential Elements Of An Effective Crisis Communication Plan

A company’s daily operations are important, but communication is much more important in an emergency. Consequently, having a crisis communication plan on hand that they can readily use whenever anything damaging occurs is of the utmost importance for the companies and their PR teams. An effective crisis communications plan is something that businesses or PR teams are familiar with, as is its significance. Its purpose is to offer structure and…

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