Month: November 2023

Crisis Management Preparedness, are you ready yet?

The PR industry is no novice to functioning effectively under pressure but Crisis Management Preparedness is another ballgame altogether. It is difficult to foresee every crisis that an organization may encounter. However, just the way ‘planning’ is ingrained in the DNA of PR, having a Crisis Management Preparedness system should make everyone better equipped for untoward situations. A core crisis management team led by a manager along with experienced representatives…

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Message Pull-Through
Measuring Message Pull-Through and Effective Techniques for PR Teams

A strong media presence and quality coverage are essential to any brand identity in today’s business world. For any business or company to succeed, it must ensure its brand message is well-represented and reaches its target audience. As a result, companies need to understand how to cut through the noise to get their message out there. All of this highlights the importance of measuring the effectiveness of your campaign using…

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ESG communications strategy
How to Improve Your ESG Communications Strategy

Environmental, Social, and Governance Communications (ESG) considerations have become integral in corporate strategies in recent years. Due to this, companies know it’s important to let stakeholders know about their ESG efforts. How do they achieve this, you might wonder? The answer is through a well-crafted ESG communications strategy. This enables them to communicate key aspects of their brand, including their dedication to sustainable practices, social responsibility, and effective governance. In…

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Harness the Power of ‘Change’

There is a common misconception around ‘Change’ that paints it as a culprit against growth. When you think you have figured out the magic potion on how to make your business thrive, something changes and you have to re-strategize, re-program, re-start. Be it a fluctuation in the market, or a hot new trend destabilizing all the previous ones, you cannot keep re-applying the same strategy in every situation, and that…

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How To Improve Internal Communication In The Workplace

What Is Internal Communications? Internal communications is about sharing information, messages, and ideas among employees, departments, and management to promote productive teamwork. The main goal of internal communications is to keep staff in touch and ensure they are all working to a plan to achieve company objectives. Also, it helps establish solidarity and teamwork. In addition, it makes it easy and clear for different departments to communicate, improving the company’s…

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