Month: June 2023

PR in the digital age
PR In The Digital Age: Adapting To New Technologies And Platforms

The digital age of media has transformed traditional public relations as we know it. As a result, public relations (PR) experts confront the challenge of keeping up with ever-evolving technologies and platforms. The former practice of traditional press releases or media pitches has evolved into an era characterized by digital communication, where influencers, social networks, social media, and online communities hold major sway. PR has always been an instrumental aspect of…

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Proactive Public Relations Strategy
The Importance of a Proactive Public Relations Strategy for SMEs

It is common knowledge that every company or organization looking to put itself out there must have a proactive public relations strategy. However, when it comes to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), this strategy seems much more important than any average company. A proactive public relations strategy for SMEs would involve an intentional public management of the general perception and reputation of a company’s business or brand. This perception consists…

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PR Strategy for Events
Five Essential Tips for a Successful PR Strategy for Events

Every successful company needs a successful PR strategy. The importance of PR strategy for events in organizations is numerous. They are essential in building brand awareness and increasing the company’s visibility. They also help put out the company’s best image and solidify its reputation in the public eye. More importantly, having a PR strategy for events is necessary to help deal with contingencies and crises during the event. Overall, it…

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Influencer Marketing
Boost your PR with the Power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is as simple as its sounds. It is an intentional process of partnering with influencers with a large social media following to promote a brand’s image, service or products. In this age of accelerated digital promotion and widespread social media use, it has become essential for companies to join the bandwagon of social media promotion, particularly those whose target audience is within the age range of many social media…

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Effective PR Pitch
How to Craft an Effective PR Pitch

The world of PR pitches is diverse, complex, and beautiful. Company announcement pitches, media pitches, marketing trend pitches, and value pitches have become indispensable in public relations (PR). A PR pitch can have a significant impression on the media, allowing the company to provide relevant news and information to the target audience and being very useful in keeping in touch with consumers’ current desires and possible complaints. A beautifully-crafted speech can also…

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