Month: May 2023

Advertising and Public Relations
Advertising and Public Relations: Understanding The Key Distinctions

This article examines the two publicity concepts of advertising and public relations. It takes an analytical stance in assessing the differences between advertising and public relations Modern advertising dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries. Newspaper companies in London issued advertisements, and by the 18th century, advertisements flourished in Europe. Public relations, on the other hand, has a relatively recent history. It began in the U.S. in the early…

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PR Reporting
PR Reporting – a business imperative to enhance value

Strategy, media, analytic tools, measurement, and monitoring; these terms are a PR’s guide to everyday functioning and probably routine. While we’re no strangers to these scheduled tasks, every PR professional also knows that just getting results for clients is no good unless they know about it. What is a PR Report; who likes to see it? PR Reporting is an essential tool that measures results and impact. Every stakeholder’s interest…

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Write like an editor to get the media to pick your story

The current times are cruising through a 24×7 multimedia age where brands still crave premium media space despite a plethora of opportunities. To gain presence in the ‘mediaverse’ can feel daunting even when you have a great story to tell. Moral? Write like an editor and follow some simple best practices in drafting attention-worthy stories so that your emails don’t land up in the virtual trash bin. Ace the subject…

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