Month: April 2023

Five Top Management Tools Every Manager Should Use Today

Managing a team is a tiring task. Managers have to deal with new and evolving challenges on a daily basis. They have a wide scope of responsibilities to accomplish their tasks and the missions of their team members. A true leader has to know the required tools to achieve success and accomplish the best results while dealing with various projects, teams, missions, and sometimes dealing with clients as well. Working…

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Why your LinkedIn Content Strategy is more than a Social Media opportunity

Deciphering how to use a professional platform like LinkedIn to promote thought leadership and businesses can be overwhelming. On one hand, it has a proven track record of connecting the right people at the slightest opportunity, whilst at the same time acting as a forum for the exchange of ideas, stimulating debate, and encouraging engagement. If you’re still trying to see how LinkedIn content strategy impacts quality distribution, then read…

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writing hacks
Compelling writing hacks to leverage keyword density

SEO relevance is the most sought-after quality in content. Businesses have their antennas in continuous operation to identify trending keywords but how best you utilize them determines your search rankings. Leverage keyword density by using these writing hacks. Make SEO strategy an integral part of your content development with these pro tips: Keywords that feel natural: Getting up the ranking ladder by simply repeating keywords several times is simply robotic.…

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PR communique
Bringing Corporate Social Performance in PR communique

A PR communique, or a press release is a way for businesses and other entities to share their message and promote their brand in a controlled and strategic way. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is known to affect an organization’s reputation for positive outcomes and most often, Corporate Social Performance (CSP) has been used interchangeably without raising any red flags. But communication specialists would know that there is a fine line…

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