Month: January 2023

how to build trust
How to build trust at workplace and maintain it – a CEO speaks

Fostering mutual trust is important for any organization that wishes to succeed. ‘Trust’ is a simple yet powerful and priceless virtue that builds over time with transparency and honesty. Be empathetic and collaborative with colleagues. It will allow them to deliver their best without feeling vulnerable about being judged. Not just in workplaces but trust is central to our lives and exists everywhere from relationships to business dealings. And when…

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Why mental health awareness in the workplace is an important issue

Mental health issues have a significant impact on employees’ productivity, their ability to learn and progress, and their overall wellbeing. Thankfully, the importance of mental health awareness in the workplace has increased during the past few years. With the spread of COVID19, the number of people saying that the epidemic has worsened their mental health reached 42%, according to the Public Relations and Communications Association, PRCA, MENA Mental Health Report…

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Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy With These 5 SEO Tips

Content marketing strategy for SEO ranking remains a top focus for marketers across industries. Consider this: When was the last time you searched for something online, whether it was company information or hotel reviews, without using Google? Despite the significance of SEO, content marketers continue to struggle with their content marketing strategy. It necessitates them treading carefully around Google’s ever-changing criteria and approaching the objective of ranking high from a…

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5 Reasons Why Your Website is Not Ranking Favourably

Building a new website for your business is a terrific first step toward recruiting new customers, but it’s not enough if you want potential customers AND Google to discover you on the internet. If you don’t do it right, your website may not be ranking to your advantage. How will customers find your website if Google can’t locate it? Google takes time to identify and rank a brand-new website in…

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