Month: November 2022

Why is it important to use the AMEC framework?

To start with, the AMEC framework is integrated from the International Organization that has introduced us to the new ways of measurement and research. They have successfully executed a full program that makes it easier to track the plans, objectives, activity, impact, outputs, outtakes, and outcomes of a campaign, project, or research. The framework has proven its effectiveness and its incredible usage to display a fully integrated report. So ……

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Indulging in the crunchiest bites of the AMEC framework

The need for PR professionals to be able to measure the value on the work done for their clients was recognized early on, leading to the development of the Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE). Unfortunately, AVES came at a high cost. The ease of use of AVE was compensated by extremely erroneous results, despite the fact that it made the financial side of the results easier to measure and provide. The…

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Results in Public Relations
Measuring Results in Public Relations

Every industry loves numbers and data to evaluate performance. Calculating results makes it easier to identify the success or failure of a project or product. Data plays an important role in assessments within the Communications and PR industry. Businesses who work with PR agencies surely would like to understand how the agency is benefiting their company presence and reputation in their respective regions. This is where the communication tools of…

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5 Free Tried & Tested SEO Tools That Will Improve Your Ranking

How can you use SEO to work smarter and faster? It all starts with having the proper tools. Are you looking for a list of free and effective, tried and tested SEO tools? Then don’t look any further. Keyword research tools are tools that help you discover the topics your audience is searching for and generate optimised keywords that will help rank your business better for maximum visibility and exposure. …

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