Month: July 2022

digital currency
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin – new terms that’s becoming part of our daily lives

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin- I stumbled upon these terms a few years back (though they originated way back in 2008). But I casually brushed them off considering them far too technical for my layman’s mind. Besides, they made little or no difference to my scope of work and daily activities. Probably the only information I had about these terms was through stories of individuals who became billionaires just by keeping…

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How to Improve Your SEO Strategy

Your organisation is redesigning its website, and you are put in charge of the content. Excited? Then your supervisor informs you that you are also responsible for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Suddenly, you find the task a bit daunting. You are not an SEO expert. You don’t have years of SEO experience. Panic begins to set in. One thing is certain though, you know you have to improve your SEO…

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The best tips to make your podcast more popular

Podcasts represent an amazing tool to create distinctive bonds with your target audience. You should exert a lot of effort, time, and resources to make your podcast as popular as possible. You should consider several important factors while working on increasing the listeners of your podcast. Think of several creative ways to enable listeners to know about your podcast. Use the best and most suitable promotional strategies and understand the…

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Successful Women Empowerment Campaigns

Over the past 2 decades, the world has seen some changes, especially in the public relations industry due to the vital role of social media in the way that brands connect with their customers. Yet, only one thing hasn’t changed… which is the continued support of women empowerment around the world. Today, I wanted to showcase those brands that have worked hard on their women empowerment campaigns and conveyed the…

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