Month: March 2022

Guilty of using the term ‘Third World’?

How many times do we use words or phrases that have little or no relevance today?  One such phrase I chanced upon is ‘Third World’.  Still guilty for using this phrase? I recently read an article talking about how the world has moved on. In fact, the term is quite redundant now and has no place in our society. Yes, it embarrasses me. As PR professionals, we are responsible for…

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5 Small Business SEO Trends You Must Adopt This Year

By this point, whether you’re a small business owner or the CEO of an e-commerce giant, one can’t escape the legacy that the digital universe provides. Search Engine Optimization continues to evolve year after year, and it is imperative that brands, regardless of their scale, start looking into this in a far more optimized and analytical manner. Brands and businesses are exerting resources to embrace SEO trends. Your next potential…

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Metaverse – Just hype or a game changer?

The first time I heard the term “Metaverse” my reaction was, “Do I care?” . Every other day a new buzzword that promises to disrupt the ever-evolving tech industry is born leaving the common man completely flustered! Within a year, this term has become the talk of the town. Thus, everyone seems to be sharing their half-cooked knowledge on the subject. When my curiosity levels reached an all-time high, I…

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