Month: February 2022

Top 4 UAE Based Podcasters You Must Listen To

From fashion to culture to prominent female forces in technology, the area has produced a wide range of intriguing podcasts, allowing us to keep our minds engaged and our souls entertained. Below are our top selections for podcasts and UAE Based Podcasters to listen to right now. GEMS OF ARABIA The series, presented by designer and Arab empowerment enthusiast Hatem Alakeel, will touch on all things fashion, culture, design, and…

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The ESG Premium – building business resilience

There’s growing evidence to prove that sustainable business practices enhance not just the overall performance but also attract investor attention and add value as an environmentally conscious brand. The significance of ESG has evolved manifold post the worldwide outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic and institutional investors are now backing companies with proven ESG records.

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How did the pandemic affect social media?

The spread of Coronavirus pandemic during the past two years resulted in less face-to-face or in-person communication. Social media played a much more important role in interactions between people. The various usages of social media changed. A larger number of users started depending on social media to obtain information, escape the stress the pandemic imposed, and communicate with friends, family members, and colleagues. The rise of video conferencing Due to…

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