Month: December 2021

SEO strategy
Why SEO is a Must-Have for an Entrepreneur

In today’s digital world, when consumers are as scattered as the methods of reaching them, there are few digital marketing techniques that are applicable to all sorts of businesses—small, medium, and large;across nearly all industries. That strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). Much has been said about SEO and its benefits. And today we’re sharing reasons as to why we feel SEO is not only a good strategy to follow…

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Diversity & Inclusion – building winning teams

The corporate sector is abuzz with discussions around Diversity and Inclusion to prove that it is more than just policies and headcounts. It significantly impacts human resources, teams, companies, performance, wellbeing, and productivity. Leading management consultancies like Mckinsey. PwC, Deloitte, and KPMG have over the last few years tracked companies across the globe. One common observation that strongly stands out is the likelihood of financial outperformance in companies that are…

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How going green can impact your company’s reputation

To be (green) or not to be (green) Broccoli should be the only green thing not loved by everyone. Other than that, almost everything green should be preserved. Undeniably, it is essential and vital for our environment and our future. Our life is characterised by instability. Indeed, it isn’t easy to think about where we will be in ten years. Or what we will be doing in twenty? Will we…

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What To Expect From A Brand Ambassador

The last time someone recommended a product or restaurant, did you check it out? Why? The reason you followed up on it or not was due to the relationship you had with the person. Was it not because of the influence of the Brand Ambassador?     You might have considered whether they had your best interest at heart before taking their advice.  Consumers act depending on the quality of…

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How to Leverage the Power of SEO for Your Business

All businesses that want to attract customers online, no matter the business size or age, know the power of SEO and how important it is as a tool. There are around 1.8 billion websites online, and basic SEO allows search engines like Google to find and catalogue your web pages. But whether they list your business on the first page or the 25th depends on how strong your SEO is.…

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