Month: October 2021

artificial intelligence
Does technology affect our ability to learn?

A brain is a complex machine. The ability to think, reflect, reason, and draw conclusions based on our experiences is what makes us aware of ourselves. It helps us build a fundamental part of our identity that will accompany us throughout our future life. Not surprisingly, it is affected by technology and the way we use it. Exposure to “digital technology” Researchers have noted that technology is not only the…

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new normal
Managing a remote working team? You need to bring new skills to the table.

There is a growing belief that remote working will continue even post-pandemic. COVID19 has redefined the ways teams communicate and remote working is no longer a privilege but a need. While this is being looked at as a temporary set-up, the challenges and opportunities for making remote working productive and engaging for employees are many. With empathetic, practical, and creative solutions, this arrangement can augment the growth of both –…

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Search Engine Optimization
A Business Owner’s Guide to SEO

You’re the founder of a small business. You want to stay ahead in terms of online visibility. Sure, a simple guide to SEO will take you there. You established this venture to do what you enjoy, but now you’re also stuck doing duties that have nothing to do with it. You’re the janitor. You’re the primary customer service person. And you’re also keeping track of receipts — all at the…

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8 reasons why you need to treat your employees as brand ambassadors

Nowadays, companies are expected to face challenges due to various factors. If left unmanaged, even the most stable of companies may collapse. Creating a brand ambassador program can assist in getting your company back on its feet. One effective program involves enabling your own employees to become brand ambassadors. Here are some reasons you need to treat your employees as brand ambassadors? Employees are the ideal brand ambassadors There is…

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